2 November 2017

November Goals

November already. How? When? What?! Time is zooming past and before we know it, it will be December. To maximise my productivity, I will be setting goals at the beginning of each month. I'm that person - tries to do everything at once then puts it off because I'm exhausted. Instead of tackling ten things at a time, I've learnt that doing one thing at a time is key. Here are my four goals for November, because you don't have to wait until New Year's Eve.

1 | Take more photographs - be it indoors or outdoors, I rarely pick up my DSLR and my lenses are getting dusty. I want to reignite my passion for photography.

2 | Prioritize my time. The past few months have been a bubble. I've been spending time on things that don't matter and putting off things that do. I think it's time to start writing to-do lists again and basically, getting shit done - one step at a time.

3 | Find a new hobby. My life is a routine, which I don't mind but doing the same thing every day, all day becomes boring. I've taken more time to go travelling this year (which have all been amazing) and still have two trips coming up but I want to do more. Even if it's discovering local places, getting back into yoga, learn to meditate, picking up a pen to start sketching again... something that doesn't revolve around fashion/beauty would be refreshing right now.

4 | Take care of my health - it hasn't been the best. No more junk. It's time to change.

What are your goals for the month? 


  1. Nice goals. The fourth one is the most important. Take care, Suzi.

  2. Love Love Love that bag and how you styled it x


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