6 April 2017

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

After Youtube, Instagram is my next favourite social media platform. Whilst I only follow around 20 accounts on Youtube, On Instagram I follow over a thousand. It's quick, inspiring and allows me to keep up to date with trends. I like my feed to reflect my personal style so it's pretty monochromatic. I also like my images to look a certain style and to be honest, I LOVE editing the images to suit my feed - just as much as I love composing an image. Below is an example of before and after - there's clearly a big difference. The finished image looks brighter, more polished and generally more professional. You don't need a fancy camera either, most of my images are taken on my iPhone 7 plus. All it takes is a few apps. 

To edit my pictures, I use three separate apps. Facetune to whiten and sharpen, Snapseed for precise exposure and VSCO to add a filter and finalising the brightness and contrast. It sounds like a lengthy process but honestly, each picture only takes me less than 2 minutes. Every time a friend sees me doing this process, they often ask 'wow thats a lot of effort, whats the point?'. Instagram doesn't have to be fancy and cohesive but for me, it kinda does - Instagram merges into my job.  


Whitening in FACETUNE
 Theres a very clever function which allows you to wipe over any part of an image and 'whiten' it... duh. I do this to all my image, whitening the should be white but not so white parts. You don't really notice a difference until you've finished and you look at the before picture. 

The feature called 'details' allows you to pinpoint where you want to sharpen. Simply swipe over an area for a sharper, more clear image. Take a look at the before and after and pay attention to the branding and writing on the bottles. 
I also use this on my selfies, especially on my eyes when I want to show off a makeup look. 

Although the image is white and the details are sharp, it's still too dark in my opinion. So I take it into Snapseed and using the 'brush' tool, I select exposure, normally +3 or +7 and swipe over any darker areas. The difference is subtle but definitely noticeably brighter, especially the background.

VSCO is where I finish all my images. I've been using this app for the longest time and I still have NO IDEA how to pronounce it. I choose a filter (S2) and adjust the brightness and contrast accordingly. I can see my images next to my last post too which helps me decide whether they sit well next to each other. Theres literally so many filters on VSCO, I'm sure you will find one to fit your style and aesthetics. 

So... thats it! That's how I edit my images. It really doesn't take long at all even though it sounds like a mission. I personally LOVE reading how people edit their Instagram images so let me know how you edit yours. I'm always figuring new ways to improve.



  1. I love filter S2 in VSCOcam!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


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  3. I often use Instagram edit tool only :D I have never used Facetune and Snapseed, only VSCO and it's enough for me. Thank you for sharing!
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