11 January 2017

New Year Resolutions

New Year New me? Gym 3X a week? Pahhh. I'm old enough to know that those type of resolutions don't last, we don't change overnight. But here are some resolutions I think I can keep on top of.

1. Sleep less. Ok, I don't mean actually sleep less, I'm still working, a full time mum and a housewife if that sounds possible  - so I need all the sleep I can get but what I need to do is stay out of bed unless it's bedtime. I quite often find myself taking afternoon naps when Aiden does. It eats  into my day and throws me off my productiveness. I shall stop doing that.

2. Be more positive. I am a realist, I don't like to sprinkle glitter over everything. I find myself pro-longing the shit moments though. If I have a shit start to the day, I feel shitty for the rest of the day. Instead I need to take it in, snap out of it and move on.

3. Move into a house. We bought our apartment nearly four years ago and although it's a generous size for London standards, after having Aiden we've outgrown it. We need more space and more rooms and hopefully by summer 2017, we will be in somewhere new.

4. Do more! Get out more, see more, experience more. Blog more, make more videos, be more active and get out of that backseat I took when I gave birth.

5. Don't give a shit. Quite often I find myself stressing or worrying over the most pointless thing or people that I quite honestly don't care about. That might sound harsh but at my age, I know who my friends are, who the fake ones are and some people who are just not worth the time. I can tell the difference between, constructive criticism, pure patronising and just plain rude.

Thats my resolutions in a nutshell. Whats yours?


  1. Such a motivating set of resolutions!

    Peaches x


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