17 November 2016

Aiden Turns ONE!

I can't even believe I'm about to type this... Aiden is one! I know every parent says this BUT where has the time gone?! It really does feel like yesterday when I announced my pregnancy and here I am sat, watching him walking around like a little man. His birthday fell on a Tuesday so he had a 3 day birthday. He had a kiddie party on Sunday with all of his little friends, a family dinner on Monday and Tuesday was spent opening presents. He is a VERY lucky boy, from blowing the candle to having everyone singing happy birthday to him, his face was priceless. You'd think I vlogged the entire 3 days right? I didn't. I wanted to be 'in the moment' rather than viewing everything through a lens. Sometimes we are so focused on holding a camera and looking at the frame when really, we should appreciate and 'experience' it properly. 
Above are just a small amount of pictures we took, there are more I need to find time to edit. Not sure when that will happen but I hope you enjoy the ones I have already sorted. 



  1. Looks like such a fun and cute party! Happy birthday to Aiden~

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  2. Btw that's the best cake I've ever seen. I want one. And yes! Little ones grow up so fast, must savour every moment! Stay blessed Suzi xx

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