8 March 2016

Happy Four Months

I can't quite believe it's been four months already. Like seriously... 

My teeny tiny baby is now 17 weeks old. He has grown into such a happy baby, always smiling, giggling and generally being very cheeky. He has been through many milestones already and I can't wait until he achieves even more. 
He can currently read my emotions, he knows when I ask if he's just farted as he chuckles in the most cheeky way possible. He knows when I'm smiling and always smiles back. He is a massive talker too, must have gotten it from his daddy, he babbles non-stop. He's started to smile and laugh at strangers too. He can roll over, grasp objects and hold his own milk bottle when it's towards the end and almost empty. He's currently teething and has two teeth peeking through so as you can imagine, he has been dribbling and putting everything he holds into his mouth. Luckily it hasn't affected his sleeping (yet, fingers crossed!). He started sleeping from 8pm until 7:30am at 10 weeks and still does, which means I have been getting my sleep back. Actually-I don't think I can ever get it back, these dark circles are not leaving. 
I feel like everything is passing so quickly and before I know it, he'll be sitting, crawling, walking and mumbling his first words. I couldn't be anymore happy or proud of my little dumpling. 


  1. Omgosh, he is adorable Suzi!! He's even smiling for the camera - such a photogenic little one you've got there. Must have taken it from his mama xx

    Diana xx | www.londongirldiana.com

  2. He seriously is the cutest little dumpling ever! Babies develop so rapidly, it can be scary! He probably already has a great basic understanding of your everyday vocabulary and that's why he tries to talk back to you.


  3. What a beautiful post, mummy! He is so beautiful, you should be so proud of yourself.


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