6 February 2016

SKII Mid-Day Essence

Its no secret, I'm probably the biggest SKII fan ever. I've been using their products since 2009 and I will continue to do so. After many struggles with my skin, SKII is the brand that works for me. I've been through many bottles of the essence (the MUST-have), my skin just loves this stuff. So can you imagine my excitement when SKII announced they'll be creating a spray version?! The idea of refreshing my skin and make-up whilst on the go sounds more than perfect. Say hello to the new Mid-Day Essence. 

This is what SKII claims
With long-lasting moisturisation for up to 4 hours in a single application, the Essence spray instantly reduces visible effects of oxidative stress to help maintain a fresh morning look. After 14 days of regular use of the Mid-Day Essence, skin becomes more hydrated and translucent. When used as a regimen with SK-II’s signature Facial Treatment Essence, results show a 1.8 times increase in skin’s hydration compared to just the use of the Essence alone. 

I couldn't agree more. My skin soaks in all the goodness and constantly feels plump and refreshed. I knew I was going to love it and I'm definitely not disappointed. This is perfect for travelling, days out and when your skin needs a quick pick me up. 
Yes, like all SKII products it's on the pricey side (its £82 in the UK, probably cheaper in Asia) but I always say, if it works then it's completely worth it. You can't put a price on great skin - it's for life. 


  1. Essences are set to be huge this year, I can't wait for drugstore alternatives.
    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

  2. Suzi where do you buy your SKII products?
    I live in the UK and Im worried about buying fakes online... any recomendations?

    1. Try yesstyle. The links are in the post. They sell a wide variety and are all legit. It's where I buy all my Korean/Japanese products from. x

    2. Forgot to mention, its free shipping too when you spend over £25. x

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