9 February 2016

NEW IN | ZARA Slingbacks

Fresh from the carrier bag, these are one day old. I bought these yesterday whilst on a shopping whim. I don't own anything like this and infact, I don't think I've ever worn anything like this before - EVER. They are smarter than what I usually go for but I like that and because they're black, they will certainly go with the majority of my wardrobe content, which is not very much right now. Also, they were only £29.99, how could I possibly leave them sitting all lonely on the bottom shelf. 

I spent the majority of 2015 in leggings and maternity tops. I kind of lost my fashion sense and went with what was comfortable, which I guess was reasonable at the time. I also got rid of 70% of my wardrobe, especially those tight figure hugging short dresses I would wear on a Saturday night - definately not my style anymore. 2016 will be the year I re-define my style and find myself again, after-all any excuse for a complete new wardrobe is valid.  



  1. Excited to see where 2016 will take you in terms of fashion!! <3 These shoes are darling
    -Ally Gong

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