15 February 2016

MAC Nice 'N' Spicy Lip Pencil

I have a great collection of MAC lipsticks but what dawned on me is - I rarely have any lip pencils. Slowly, I am trying to build on it, I love the complete matte finish they give, so this week I picked up a new colour, Nice 'N' Spicy. Its very similar to Spice which is one of my favourites but this is slightly warmer and lighter which I kind of prefer. I find lip pencils last a lot longer than lipstick and feel more comfortable and weightless. Completely obsessed with this colour right now.


  1. What a stunning colour! I find it tricky to find nude shades to fit our yellow skin colour... This is now on my wishlist. x


  2. She doesn't really have a yellow skin tone though haha, but still it looks amazing :D

  3. This lip liner is perfection! Looks gorgeous on you Suzi :)
    Jessie | Bear and Berries | Instagram

  4. What contacts are you wearing?? it looks so good!!!

  5. Love this nude lip! Definitely purchasing next time I'm in Mac!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  6. It looks good on you! Perhaps I'll go and swatch it next time I'm near MAC

  7. Can you tell us what contact are you wearing in this video? It looks so natural and good on you!

  8. This color is stunning on you! I got the same lip pencil but in my opinion mac pencil fades so fast.. I had to reapply every hours :(


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