8 October 2015

My Baby Shower | 35 Weeks Pregnant

You may or may not know, I am pregnant. 35 weeks have flown by and still feels so surreal. Last weekend I held my baby shower. A small intimate gathering with my closest and dearest. I had so much fun and lots of laughter was shared. I honestly can not believe I am less than 5 weeks away now! How exciting! You can watch the VLOG below (yes, I am doing Vlogtober) to find out what happened. 



  1. This looks beautiful! Glad you had a good day :) x

    Brigitte | brigittehayley.com

  2. Looks fab! The marshmallow pops turned out so lovely~

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  3. Wow, you must have had a wonderful time! Everything looks amazing!

    Nihaad - the little blog of STUFF

  4. Cute baby shower!

    Tsui Chung

  5. Very nice. Wish you and your child health and happiness. And also suggest to read an article "Mothers and Creative Careers: Unique Perspectives Inspiration and Insight" which can help you in the future to combine home chores with work.

  6. I like your baby shower, so wonderful ideas and colorful photos!:)
    Wish you lot's luck and happiness!:)

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