18 July 2015

Get Rid of Blackheads | My Scheming Blackhead Charcoal Mask Review

Just watch the video... It works wonders! 



  1. Woah look at all of those blackheads removed!!! I've used charcoal masks in the past but they've never really taken out all my blackheads. Peeling it off is also the worst but this kit seems like it's working fantastically so I'll need to give it a go :)


  2. Just bought this, it looks so effective!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  3. I need to get my hands on this!! I've used the nose strips but this looks much more effective.


  4. I tried as well!! IT'S SUPER AMAZING!! lol

    Stylekooky.me (Giveaway Here!)

  5. Thank you for sharing! :) So amazing! I'll try it and I hope it'll work too.

  6. I tried it but i don’t think I did it right aha, I think I needed my pore to open more, will try it again though!

  7. Aw I really was excited to try this product, until I read the ingredients and methylparabens caught my eye. I really want to find a good organic blackhead mask ;A; Thanks for sharing though!!

  8. Oh my god ! I have to buy it immediatly and make a review for my experience i hope it will work like with you suzi :)

  9. does anyone know where get this online? I went on sasa and imomoko and they don't have it!


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