8 July 2015

Clinique 3 Step Skincare

 I’m not unfamiliar with Clinique, we go back a long way. I first started using Clinique when I was around 18 years old.  Thanks to my sister, she got me hooked on the facial soap bar. I remember it lathering up like a dream and one bar lasted what seemed like a lifetime. It was also more affordable than other high-end skincare brands and so I delved deeper and became a 3 step skincare fan.

Over the years, I have tried many other skincare brands but Clinique is the one I always come back to. I can’t even tell you how many bottles of the liquid facial soap I have been through or how many sample sized mini’s I have collected due to their rewarding bonus times. For me, it just works.

Step 1I like to use the liquid facial soap morning and evening. I use two pumps to create a frothy heavenly lather. I rinse with Luke warm water and finish with a cold splash of water.

Step 2Apply some to a cotton ball and sweep over the entire face. No matter how clean you may think your face is, there will always be teeny tiny parts of debris and this steps helps eliminate them and prepare your skin for moisturising.

Step 3Finish with some moisturiser. I like this gel texture, as it’s great for oily skin types like me. It sinks in within minutes and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling.

As many told me before I had even fallen pregnant, pregnancy brings out a glow in your skin - commonly known as the 'pregnancy glow'. Thankfully, god has blessed me with this glow and now more than ever, I am trying to maintain it. Because the 3 step skincare is personalised to suit my skin type, it's perfect for it. I can already feel the difference and see how my oiliness is in control. 

Clinique has set me a challenge. #faceforward is all about going forward without any regrets, a challenge that I need to challenge myself. For the past few months, I feel myself slipping into a routine, a lazy and comfortable one. The same makeup, the same outfits (having a bump is more restricting than I thought), the same activities and places over and over again. Pregnancy has been wonderful so far but it's almost as if this is the exact kick I need, an injection of motivation. To bypass this moment, my aim is to try something new every week. Be it a new restaurant, a new makeup style, hairstyle, activity and so on. I want to look back at my pregnancy and remember a wonderful summer, exploring new places and not one were I spent most of my time in bed. 

Clinique invites you to make a promise to the future. Share the pledge you’re making to yourself via Twitter @Clinique_UK and Instagram @cliniqueuk. Take part in the #faceforward campaign to motivate yourself and inspire others! 

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  1. you look so great Suzi! I love and use the clinique range too!!

    Lauren xx | laurlauu . beauty . fashion . life . blog

  2. Nice routine and congratulations on your pregnancy, you look really glowing

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  4. I always use Clinique, they're so reliable and effective! Looking lovely Suzi~

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  5. I haven't tried out any Clinque skincare yet! I know crazy right.... I've heard by lots of people that it's really good and worth it. You have such beautiful skin!! xo


  6. I love Clinique their products are well worth it. I sincerely hope I look as good as you do, one day when I am expecting :)


  7. I am 18 right now. And my face is really oily. Do you think this 3 steps will work? Which one should i try first? And did u have pimples back then?

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