10 March 2015

Jo Malone - Rock the Ages

I was quite late to jump on the Jo Malone bandwagon but I am so glad I finally caught on. 90% of my perfume collection is made up of Jo Malone, I just can't get enough. The distinctive yet un-common scents always attracts attention and creates discussion. You can imagine how excited I was when the Rock The Ages Limited Edition Collection landed on my doorstep.

Lily of the Valley & Ivy - Described as a reminiscent of the pastel gentility of Georgian London. A blend of cassis and green ivy. Captivating and ethereal.
Pomegranate Noir - The Victorian era embracing english drama. Fresh pomegranate layered with heady Casablanca lily and spiked with cool spice and pink pepper to create a dramatic and intense scent.

Lily of the Valley & Ivy is definitely a day time scent, it's fresh and clean whilst Pomegranate Noir is the perfect day to night scent, mysterious and intense and probably my favourite out of the two. I always lean towards the fruity scents. Its pretty cool to have a couple of limited edition bottles to add to my ever growing collection. Some of my other favourites are English Pear and Blackberry and Bay.

The collection is in-store now, but for a limited time only. 

 Tried Jo Malone before? Which is your favourite? 


  1. Love this post, nice photos!


  2. Love Jo Malone!!


  3. Amazing! Great post! Your blog is so beautiful! I do really like it! You did a great job! I’ll be happy to hear you opinion about my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  4. I love all of Jo Malone's products! These look amazing!
    Tsui Chung

  5. I love your blog, it is interesting and i love reading it <3
    I have never tried Jo Malone's products but I will be sure to give it a try!

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