5 March 2015

Boomf Magical Mallow Moments.

If you're going to give a gift, personalise it. I always find personalised gifts more touching and meaningful, no matter how much it may cost. I'm sure we have all gifted photo frames, collages, Instagram prints and personalised cards, it can get kinda repetitive. This is where Boomf comes into play. Edible printed Marshmallows. Yes! I'm pretty sure many of us have never gifted a EDIBLE personalised present. 

Boomf now makes it possible, combining delicious square marshmallows with technology. Allowing you to use your Instagram, Facebook or uploaded photos. It's simple. Pop over to the website, 'create' Boomf, pick your image location and start creating! Its £15/$25 for a box of 9 which I personally think is really reasonable and I'm pretty sure they will put a big smile on who-evers face, just like it did mine. The marshmallows itself are made in Belgium and taste delicious. 

Boomf is great for all occasions, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and so on... You can literally order them for anything and with Mothers Day coming up real soon, why not treat your mum to not only a box of yummy mallows but also a trip down memory lane with your favourite photos. I really wish I discovered Boomf before my Wedding last year, a mallow with each guests face on would of been epic! I actually surprised Tommy with a hot chocolate and a mallow of us on top, you should of seen his face.

Boomf are based in London but delivers WORLDWIDE, mine only took 1 day to arrive. If you fancy ordering a box of Boomf, use my special discount code SUZIXBOOMF for 15% off. Offer ends 20th March 2015.

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  1. Haha these look incredible! So sweet and cute - I don't think I like the idea of eating someone's face but they're adorable all the same :)

    Lucy Amelia | flawedfairytale

  2. wow, so adorable and delicious!

  3. These are awesome! Would love to have some of my own. xo


  4. Oh these are so adorable!! Now I'm tempted to gift these to my friends for their birthdays >_< What a neat idea.

    Mia - Rainbow Road

  5. This is super adorable ♡


  6. That's so cute!! Would be such a sweet present


  7. What a great idea! Makes a great gift as well, thanks for recommending Suzi.


  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Suzi!!! Thanks for SUCH a great idea, gona order for my bestie's hen this wkend! THANK YOU! =D



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