11 September 2014

Herbal Essences #GetNaked

In this day and age, being a girl is not easy. With constant pressure to look 'perfect' all the time, it's no wonder why our bathroom's are filled with a zillion beauty products. With so many 'steps' to achieve a 'perfect' look, it can be straining and not to mention, time consuming. After years of colouring, clamping and damage to my hair, it's time to let it #GetNaked. 
Herbal Essences is launching a new campaign and competition, encouraging everyone to go naked with their hair. Simply wash and go. So put away your straighteners, tongs and rollers and let your hair flow au natural. 

Let your locks flow in a stripped-back selfie, no styling required. There are plenty of reasons to #GetNaked, a shorter morning regime being one of them, and you’ll find there’s nothing sexier than just being yourself. Don’t believe it? Watch the Youtube down below to find out. Herbal Essences is proving that it’s time to strip back the pressure to be perfect, serving up a funny and familiar video that brings to life the “Naked Truth About Dating”. Following one girl on her very first date from primping and preening to telling small fibs, it sheds light on the differences between what we say and what we really mean.

And here’s one more incentive to #GetNaked and show off your natural, un-styled hair. If you Instagram and tweet a 'un-styled hair' picture along with the tag @_HerbalEssences with your naked hair selfie, you could win £2,000 of shopping vouchers! Go go go! Here is my one. Whenever my hair is naked, I sweep it to one side to create volume. 

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  1. I may have to try this product out :)


  2. Sounds very lovely ^^
    I've only used a few of their things in the past, usually they have great and wonderful fragrances !!
    Thanks for the info!!

    恵美より ♥

  3. Your hair looks lovely unstyled, Suzi! Just caught up on your sephora haul video =)

    LIVE . IN . LOVE


  4. They launched it months ago here in Germany and I absolutely love it!

  5. Love your hair + make up Suzi!! :)

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