23 March 2014

March Picture Diary

1. My macbook died on me. I was computer less for around 4 days. It was going to take a lot of money to fix, infact the amount to fix it was half way to a new macboook,  I decided to get a new one. The only problem now,  I am trying to get used to the 'retina' display. Lots of things just look blurry to me! 
2. Im having a thing for faux flowers. They look real, they never die and they stay in place! 
3. Adding more artwork to my collection. 2 weeks later, still contemplating which wall to put them on. My indecisive mind does me no good sometimes. 
4. Found my new favourite home diffuser for spring. The White Company Cassis. This sweet berry scent screams spring, which makes me very happy. I have tried many home diffusers before and I can honestly say The White Company is the best. They smell divine, they last a long time and the scent is significant. Most who walk into my apartment ask me what that 'nice smell' is.
5. I have been spending more time on my apartment, you know, just finishing things off. All we need to do now is get some huge bathroom mirrors, change the dining chairs and find a nice console table for the hallway. 
6. Some naughty new purchases. Anastasia Brow Wiz in medium ash to compliment my new darker hair and a Nars Matte Lip Crayon just because it looked smooth and super matte. 
7. A couple of new light spring knits. Even though the sun is shining, I still find it rather chilly. 

There has also been a few other things that happened this month. We got a leak in our bathroom, I got new teeth, I got my first tattoo, I got a new hair colour and generally, I have been chilling a lot more. Giving my brain a rest was great and now I feel more motivated than ever! 

Let me know what you got upto this month.



  1. Lovely pictures ~

    恵美より x

  2. You have very good taste!
    Which colour is the NARS pencil and would you recommend it? I've been considering getting one myself.


  3. The knits are really cute - I love that acid colour ... where's it from? I saw it on insta and hopped over to the blog to find the label :(

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your macbook! :( always so heartbreaking when there are laptop problems


    1. I agree with it be heartbreaking! I spilled a little bit of tea on the side of my Macbook a year ago and they said it would be better to just buy a new one...and that was like 5 years of bonding. I was so thankful that they could still pull out the hard drive and put all of that computer's information on my new computer. THANK GOODNESS!

  5. A new tattoo! Seriously? I love seeing what other people get...and the story behind them. Will you be doing a post on that?

  6. Sorry to hear about your Macbook! Can't wait to see your tattoo~



  7. I have been wanting to switch into macbook territory but, I was hearing about buying the older version is better than the new generation (still brand new), I would be interested to see your tattoo also ^^

  8. I loved your artwork!! Specially the one in the far right, can you please tell me the artist's name? Thank you in advance!! xoxo


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