18 March 2014

25 Things You Didn't Know About Me

So I have already done a 50 things about me video on Youtube but I have never done this kinda thing for my blog, so here goes!

1. I am a very shy person
2. Most people hate their feet but I secretly love mine, I often get told they look like fingers because of how straight they are.
3. I secretly wish I was a dancer, that's one regret I will live with, not pursuing it when I was younger.
4. I am a very chilled/laid back person. Almost to the point were people mistake me as 'not caring'.
5. I love junk food.
6. My hometown is one of the 'worst places to live' in the UK. High birth rates, high crime and poor education according to various reports.
7. I love potatoes. Baked, fried, boiled, masked, any type will do.
8.I don't take compliments very well, this is mainly because I grew up being the 'fat chubby girl' and my confidence wasn't very high. I thought 'compliments' were just people trying to be nice.
9. I always wanted a penpal but I wasn't allowed one because my parents thought it was dangerous.
10. I don't have many friends, I am a firm believer in having a few great friends you can trust rather than loads of 'friends' that don't actually care.
11. Because of that believe, I am very wary of letting people get close.
12. I love my dog Coco, in fact I am obsessed with Coco. She is everything to me.
13. I am very protective of people I love. Especially friends and family. And Coco!
14. My eyesight isn't bad but I do need to wear glasses. It's currently -1.25 and seems to only get worse with time.
15. I get on better with boys. I find them easier to talk to.
16. I hate going out with crowds of girls, just because it ends with gossip and drama.
17. If I watch a korean drama, I have to watch it all in one go or else I end up forgetting what happened.
18. My dad's nickname for me is 'crybaby'. For obvious reasons.
19. My aim this year is to travel as much as possible.
20. I have a pierced belly button. I got it done when I was 15 which was underage. To be able to get it done, I wrote a fake letter and faked my mum's signature. I took it out around 4 years ago because I never wore short tops so didn't see the point in having it.
21. I'm getting my first tattoo this week.
22. As I a from a small town in Yorkshire, I always wanted to move to a bigger city but I never imagined living and settling in London, my heart was always set on Manchester.
23. I need 9+ hours sleep every night. If I don't have that, then a afternoon nap is essential.
24. My worst personality traits are, stubborn, impatient and very sensitive.
25. My best personality traits are outgoing, good listener and loyal.

Now let me know 25 things about you! 



  1. Wow, we have quite a lot in common personality wise!! I hate being around a lot of girls and I get along better with guys too (although this can cause some misunderstandings on their part). I also believe it's better to have only a few friends who you are really close to than to know 100 people casually.

  2. I completely get the compliment thing!!!! sad to see you think like that about your fellow girls! maybe you just havent met nice ones, not all of us are the same. i think there's a kind of support and growth you can get from friendship with girls that you cant get with boys personally

  3. Oh my gosh, I had no idea that you was from Yorkshire.

  4. It's so good to know more about you! I am a fat girl who can't take compliments well because I was brought up in a traditional chinese family where parents are more reserved with their feelings and compliments are rare. I got my first tattoo two months ago, but sometimes I would forget I got a tattoo~

  5. I recognize some of the things you mentioned! You seem like an outgoing person though :P.
    Anyway, interesting post :D!

  6. you are so slim.....i saw you

  7. Wow we have a lot of similarities! I too have a hard time trusting people to be my true friend but, thats because many experiences of mine had "my friends" play pranks on me, tease me or leave me behind, this is also why I can't accept compliments, I was the fat chubby girl too ^^;

  8. omg first tattoo, Suzi! can't wait to see it :D

  9. Good luck getting your first tattoo, you must reveal what design you're having!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  10. Sweet ^^ Good luck on your tattoo! Can not wait to see!!!!!

    恵美より ♥

  11. I totally relate to #15, 16... I only have a few girl friends (very close), the rest are all mostly men. I find it hard to mingle with a group of girls, mostly because I seem to stand out so much.

    I can't wait to see your first tattoo!

  12. This was sweet! :)


  13. I am shy too! But once you get to know me I'm pretty friendly and outgoing! .. I am also supper sensitive! And loyal!... I get along more with girls I don't know why.. I just feel more comfortable with them.. guys sometimes tend to be too tough or maybe jerks* with girls (depending on the guy)!

  14. Aww. I agree with the whole 'quality over quantity' thing with friends. But I also think friendship, loyalty and trustworthiness are hard things to measure. Sometimes even if you're out of touch with someone, they could end up surprising you and being there for you when you need them. :)

    I'm kinda the direct opposite of you, Suzi! We're about the same age, but I grew up in Manchester and always wanted to move to London. But in terms of personality traits, I am exactly the same. All the way from impatience, stubbornness to a good listener and loyal friend. :)

    I did a similar post here actually, but it was 30 facts rather than 25. Took me ages to think of anything worth mentioning! http://theconsolationsofvanity.blogspot.com/2014/02/30-facts-about-myself.html

  15. I am also shy at first >.< ! I can be sensitive as well... I find that some people see that as a weakness, but it really is a strength. Being more emotional often means you have more myelin in your brain so your brain transmits signals faster than people who are not very emotional. I am the same with getting sleep!! I prefer 9-10 hours a night or I can't function as well!


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