14 February 2014

Interior Inspirations

all images from pinterest

Having been in our apartment for over a year, we still haven't finished decorating it. Design has taken a back seat whereas wedding planning has been ushered forward. Now that the wedding planning is all under control, it's time to step back into the interior game. I like my interior to be clean, bright and modern. I tend to gravitate towards white because  I like to keep the canvas simple, then build on that. I also like spaces with LOTS of natural sunlight because it makes me happy. 
I'm on the lookout for quirky wall fixtures, pretty candle holders and great wall art to finish off the final touches.  My biggest advice to anyone moving into a new home is do not rush. That's what we did and now we want to get rid of so many things, it's a waste of money. Instead buy piece by piece and make sure it blends well with your decor. Until the decor is finished, here are some inspirations. 

What kind of decor do you like?



  1. I also like to keep the canvas white. much easier and fun to style with.
    You can visite my blog as well where I post some inspiration for the interior once a while..

  2. I love the icy greys and monochrome!
    I am like you, liking quirky decor and clean and bright colours!

  3. I just love these rooms! The decoration and the colours are fabulous! :) http://cosmicconfession.blogspot.de/

  4. Great advice, Suzi wouldn't have thought of it! I can't wait to get and decorate my own place. You should try pinterest if you haven't already, I'm hooked; tis awesome for inspiration on interior (and weddings!)


  5. OOooh I have similar style! I like sticking to basic colours! I cannot wait until I get to decorate my own apartment/house! :)

    Biancarosa // xoxo

  6. I love your choice of style, the designs are so beautiful!


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