7 January 2014

Vapiano London - Review

Address: 90B Southwark St, London SE1 0FD
Phone:020 7593 2010

Tuesday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

On Thursday I had my first Vapiano experience. Having heard so many great things about this restaurant, I was excited to see what it had to offer. 
Upon walking in, my first impressions were overwhelmed. The atmosphere was buzzing and it was rather busy for 4pm. I was given a Vapiano card which my friend explained that everything I order, goes onto this tab card. Once we had a found a seat it was a case of going up to order, similar to a food court style. There are 3 points of order, pizza, pasta and salad, the pasta queues were enormous so I opted for a pizza.
You go up, order, let them tap your card then get given a buzzer. You return to your seat and wait for your buzzer to buzz which means your order is ready for collection. Some may find this fun but those who prefer service in a restaurant, won't be so glad. My friend Sheida who opted for the pasta queued for 30 minutes, just to order. Lets say, she wasn't a very happy bunny. But I must admit, the pasta was really good!
Moving onto the food which was rather impressive. The pizza was fresh, thin and crispy, just how I like my pizza's. The size was very generous, larger than most pizza's I have had and despite trying my best, I couldn't finish it. I must comment on the super affordable price too. My pizza was £7.95 which is superb value for a central London eatery. My friend also ordered a Pesto and Spinach pizza which was only £6.95.
Overall I think Vapiano is a great restaurant with delicious food and I personally don't mind the self service but I know many would beg to differ. I would say this restaurant is perfect for a casual lunch/dinner with friends and I would definitely re-visit again. The only downside is not the queueing itself but if you go with a bunch of friends and all opt for different things, you may all get your food at different times. i.e my pizza took 10 minutes but my friends took 30 minutes.
If you would like to see more of the restaurant itself, you click my VLOG below.

Have you tied it yet? What's your thoughts?



  1. I guess the affordable price accounts for the massive lines that ensue to place your order! The pizza looks delicious!
    <3 Carolyn

  2. Vapiano is one of my favourite restaurants! Its amazing and the queues are frustrating but worth it:)
    Roshni’s Journey


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