9 November 2013

You Beauty Advent Calendar 2013

You Beauty Advent Calendar RRP £49.95*

Every Christams, I buy myself an advent calendar. I know it's just another excuse to indulge in a piece of choccy everyday but there is something more enticing than the chocolate, the surprise maybe? I used to guess what shape or form the chocolate was and this is probably the entire idea of an advent calendar, the guess. 
In the lead up to my wedding, I sadly won't be purchasing an chocolate advent calendar this year but instead, I have something FAR more exciting, a beauty advent calendar! The You Beauty Advent Calendar for £49.95. The products alone total a whopping £240, needless to say, this is a pretty great idea for beauty junkies who want an everyday surprise for a bargain price. Because of this I am really looking forward to December, the happiest time of the year! If you're dubious about parting with your hard earned cash on an advent calendar then you can take a look at the website and get a grasp of what will be coming your way. All of the products are revealed (obviously not in day order). 
If you like a little (or big, day 24 looks rather large) everyday surprise then a beauty advent calendar is definitely needed. Even my dog has an advent calendar, not a beauty one of course but that would be pretty cool too! 

Have you ever had an beauty advent calender?


  1. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive, I'll have to resist the urge to open every single day immediately lol!!!

  2. aaah show us what was inside in the end please!!!

  3. This calender looks really pretty, I love the white and gold, it's so sophisticated =)
    I've never had a beauty calender before but I want to purchase the Ciate one this year since I'm more of a polish junkie hihi Looking forward to December already

  4. love it! i think i need something like this :)

  5. This calender is such awesome idea though if I got something like that, I would not be able to resist opening all of them at once - PLUS it's beauty related. I'm so jealous, I totally want something like that.

  6. ive just received this too and omg i want to open every single door


  7. I want a beauty calender!~ Seem's like such an awesome idea, more unique than a mainstream chocolate advent calender :P It reminds me of the Benefits advent calender that just got released :)


  8. this is such a great idea! i might just have to splurge on this!

  9. sucks that it's only for the uk :[

  10. This is so pretty~ I wish it is available in Malaysia. :(


  11. Love the look of this. My friend and I are making beauty advent calenders for eachother this year so excited to see what she gets me :)

    Naomi from NaomiGabriella

  12. That's really cool, I want one! lol

  13. Do want! I wonder if it's made in Scandinavia since it only has 24. We celebrate christmas here on the 24th and not on the 25th x) I know we have a lot of different kinds of these! I'm usually a piggy and buy chocolate ones though haha.
    2 Girls and a Blog


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