7 November 2013

Innocent Smoothies - 10 Years Anniversary

I do love a good smoothie and Innocent have been my go-to brand for the longest time. I love their flavours, especially the mango and passionfruit kind. Confession. I LOVE the carton kid's smoothies too! 
To celebrate their 10 years anniversary (10yrs already?!) they have teamed up with model Lily Cole and The North Circular to design a collection of life-sized bobble hats inspired by the hats that appear on innocent smoothies bottles every November. Hand knitted by granny's in the UK, the full sized hats with dip dye style make a great winter warmer. I personally think it's such a great idea and I love how it matches the little hat on the smoothie, how CUTE?! 
The big knit campaign will start on the 6th November and lasts until 29th November. For every be hatted bottle sold, 25p will go towards Age UK. 

Have you tried Innocent smoothies before? 



  1. I've never tried these smoothies before since I am from Australia but the packaging looks sooo cute!!


  2. It's so annoying, I really like smoothies but all the commercial branded smoothies have Banana puree in =[ I can't eat bananas =[
    But haha, I buy the smoothies just to collect the little bobble hats.
    You look gorgeous in this hat by the way, so beautiful, as usual!!!

    J Y U K I M I

  3. The thing I love the most about these smoothies are the bobble hats, haha. I love how you have a matching beanie!

    - N H Y C ♥ -

  4. Thats such a cute idea! I need to get one of those hats :)
    Roshni’s Journey

  5. where'd u get ur necklace?

  6. Can't believe these are 10 years old- makes me feel old :s
    Daniella x


  7. you cutie! ive never tried innocent smoothies before but id buy them just for the hat


  8. So cuuuute! Reminds me of my gran's home-knitted sweaters.



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