14 October 2013

This Week In Pictures + Current Mood.

Last week was a mixture of up's and down's.

Monday: I decided to clear out my entire wardrobe. Two large bags of clothing have been donated to charity and there's another 2 sat in my room. I had been meaning to do this since forever. You know, those items you shove  to the back of your wardrobe but you always somehow convince yourself to keep it because you might end up wearing it 'one day'. I am slowly building my wardrobe pieces form scratch as my style has changed a lot since. My current mentality is quality not quantity. To start my new wardrobe, I bought a couple of items from Zara, a gorgeous not quite navy top with a chiffon layer, I know this will never go out of style therefore a good buy. I also got some tarten shorts, very autumn. 
Tuesday: There was a leak in my bedroom ceiling. 1 hour later, I had a chunk of my ceiling missing! Me and tommy had to spend the rest of the week in the spare room whilst it gets fixed.
Wednesday: After years of planning to 'treat myself', I decided to buy my very first Chanel bag. Buying something with your own hard earned cash feels so satisfying. But with a up came a down, I felt terribly ill on my journey home, close to being sick on the bus and unfortunately have been ill ever since. 
Friday: I re-bought my glasses since Coco chewed up my old Chanel's. I actually got them last week but they were SO disgustingly dirty I had to send them back, I got my 'replacement' back only to find they didn't change it at all, they just gave it a wipe because they are still dirty. I got them from Fashioneyewear.co.uk incase you were wondering.
Saturday: I felt slightly better so I went out and bought myself some white roses, mainly because I was feeling sorry for my ill self. Later that night I felt major pain in my eye and within 2 hours, I developed a stye!!! 

So ever since Wednesday, I have been feeling pretty poo and to top of the week, I now have a friend called stye! But I have my doggy Coco, she can sense that I am un-well and cheers me up everyday. I hope my friend leaves me very soon as I am looking forward to venturing out and getting my life back on track. 

How was your week? Better than mine I hope? 



  1. I love these glasses :)
    I agree with "quality not quantity" as it comes to clothes..I have too much stuff I regret buying, however I don't have the heart to get rid of it ://

  2. Awh I hope you feel better soon Suzi! I'm jealous of your Chanel purchases and your cute puppy too hehe^-^


  3. Get better soon Suzi! I hate it when I'm sick! :(

  4. I only just got better after being ill for about three weeks. It's that time year again isn't it >_<
    Take care of yourself girl! Get lots of rest and make sure you see the doctors if it gets worse!!

  5. I love the tartan shorts with the lace peeking out! :D
    I hope you get better! :)

    Fashionably Sparkly

  6. OH god! I love all of these!

  7. Aww Suzi hopefully your days will look up soon! ^^ My week(s) haven't been so great either, but watching your vlogs and videos always make me feel better for a little while. Best wishes to you!

  8. Tartan shorts are incredibly cute Suzi! Was in Zara yday but I definitely didn't see these D:

    Hope you say goodbye to stye soon =(

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  9. Like the navy blue sweater! X


  10. lool coco chewed up your chanel glassed = coco chanel


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