10 October 2013

Review: Clinique Superprimer

Clinique Superprimer £20*

When it comes down to primers, I am rather fussy. Not a fan of the silicone based primers, I often lean towards the ones that feel more like a moisturiser and are easy to blend. When Clinique introduced 6 new primers, I was intrigued. Whether you suffer from dullness, redness or discolourations, Clinique have it covered. I opted to try the universal face primer, the one that fits all skin types and is oil free. It felt exactly like what I normally go for, it was velvety, creamy, easy to blend which left my skin appear more bright and smooth. When it came to applying my foundation, honestly, I didn't notice much difference but what I did notice was the longevity of my foundation had been prolonged. I didn't need to oil blot as much and it kept my foundation looking fresh all day long. Its oil free too so great for oily skin types like me. All in all I think it's a great primer and why I like this more than most primers is the texture of it. 
For the price of £20, I recommend it to anyone looking for a lightweight oil-free primer. Even if you don't wear make-up, it will do a great job at smoothing out your pores and make your overall appearance and skin tone look more flawless. 

Have you tried this yet? What's your thoughts on primers?


  1. I stopped by the counter when it launched, but I felt like there was too much choice.. I couldn't decide whether I should try the redness or discolouration one!

  2. I wanted to buy Sephora primer, because it worked for me (I had a sample) but this might be a better choice, as it's without silicones :D


  3. thank you for the recommendation! I will see if I can get a sample of this.

  4. I used this before. But I HIGHLY recommend Chambuu Facial Blotting Tissue. I personally use it since it's organic and it's made of Charcoal Bamboo which has high absorbent properties and it comes with 200 sheets for a cheap price.You can purchase it here -----> http://amzn.to/1Rg1Kjt. Use this discount code: WYMBLF6S (code works. tried it yesterday)


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