7 August 2013

Making a House a Home With Neom Organics

I am a big fan of home fragrances. Not only because it makes your home smell lovely, it also creates a homely aroma. I always say, each home has their own unique and personal scent you won't find anywhere else and for me, I like my home scent to be light, fresh and inviting. Especially now that I have a little puppy, I need to maintain a clean and fresh space. 
I was introduced to Neom around a year ago and I haven't stopped using this brand since! My candles, diffusers and room sprays are all from Neom. What I like most about Neom is the longevity of each item. I recently acquired the Enchantment Organic Reed Diffuser* which within 10 minutes (NO LIE!), my entire apartment was enriched with a soft floral bluebell scent. My candles have lasted me months and the air always smells warm, spicy and enchanting. I also got the Refresh Organic Room Mist* which I like to spray over my bed to give it that freshly washed scent. Encaseed in a frost glass bottle, it looks pretty cool when displayed next to my bed too. I like how Neom products are simple and minimalist looking, it's always good to know my scent's match my home decor. Again, I must admit that Neom can be pretty pricey but as I always say, if something works then it's totally worth it! 

Have you tried Neom before?



  1. Anything packaged in frosted glass is bound to be a good product ;)



  2. Pretty pictures!! Looks like a great gift.

  3. I love this!!!


  4. I love the look of it! It seems like a good home decor item as well :)


  5. I feel like I should really try out those NEOM Candles :D

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    lovely post SUZI


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