17 August 2013

2 Minute Banana and Blueberry Smoothie

Ever since me and Tommy decided on a wedding date, my brain instantly screamed DIET! I am not mad diet crazy nor am I a hardcore fitness kind of girl. BUT that's all about to change! I have exactly 11 months to whip my body into shape and it starts right here. Along my way I will be sharing my experiences with you, new gym gear, gym workouts (if any! ha), diet changes and my own recipes. 
To start light, last week I purchased a blender and have since swapped my usual breakfast for a fruit smoothie. Here is one of my quick recipes, it only takes 2 minutes! 

1 Ripe Banana
Handful of berries
I tablespoon of low fat natural yogurt
Quarter glass of milk
3-4 Ice Cubes (optional)

I place it all in the blender and blend for 1 minute, using the ice crushing pulse to ensure it's smooth.

VOILA! So easy! I have had smoothies for the past week now and I feel so energised and less drowsy than before. My favourite combinations are Banana and Mango, Banana and Berries of just berries on its own. I don't put any sweetener in as I find the fruits have natural sugars but if you wish, you can always add a dollop of honey or syrup. 
These smoothies fill me up so quick and I normally make 2 glasses every morning. I have one around 9-10am and the next at around 1pm. Accompanied with small healthy snacks and a low fat dinner. 
I am also planning to buy a juicer, any juicing fanatics out there be kind enough to recommend me one? 



  1. looks so healthy and amazing! i heard the breville juicer is pretty good :)

    Lillian from The Rustyhead

  2. love it

  3. I really need to buy a blender to try this recipe out!


  4. It looks so yummy! I love smoothies~ I'll have to try out this recipie! ^^


  5. yumm. I have something similar to this every morning (: with spinach! It might be better to drink smoothies because the fiber keeps you full. But juicing will give you energy right away as its absorbed into the blood stream. But if you want to stay full, maybe stick with smoothies (:

  6. it looks so delicious!!


  7. loooks so good! I love to mix Banana and Milk together :)

  8. Looks very yummy and healthy! Definitely gonna try this smoothie! I have a great juicer from Philips, I bought it in a set but I think you can also buy it separately!

  9. So healthy! I would like to try it. And I've got a blender too)

  10. So delicious! Have you tried adding kale or spinach to your smoothies? It helps add more antioxidants, due to introducing more "color" to your diet, and improves your digestion.

    Good luck with all your wedding planning and work! Can you vlog your planning stages? I'm going through wedding planning right now and don't know where to start...
    XOXO, Carolyn

  11. It looks really delicious and good luck :)

  12. mmmmm this looks delicious - maybe I need to hop on this smoothie making business -


  13. I love our Hurom juicer. http://www.slowjuicer.com/

  14. i've been subbing out some meals for fruit smoothies mixed with fat free yogurt and i have seen a difference in my energy and my figure. i have way more energy and i look great!


  15. Healthy! Simple. Love the photography.



  16. Gonna try this soon ,looks healthy and delish :)


  17. Yummmyyy, I love making them too! x


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