4 July 2013

Review: Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

There are a ton of mascara's on the market today, all promising volume, length and curl but when it comes to bottom lashes, all I ever want is a mascara that doesn't smudge or smear because panda eyes is never a good look. Clinique has jumped on to this conclusion, reading most minds and came up with a solution, The Bottom Lash Mascara*. Not only is the wand small and easy to manoeuvre, the formula is long lasting, lengthening and smudge proof! At first I thought it was a gimmick, why pay more for another mascara, just for my bottom lashes I questioned. That was until I tried it. The small brush is genius! It allows you to coat every single lash without getting mascara on your skin, something that often happens with normal mascara brush wands. It also gives better control so no more clumpy bottom lashes as the brush allows you to brush them individually. I only applied one coat and as you can see, it's rather lovely! I would definitely recommend this to anyone and I also discovered, it's not wise to judge a product before you try it! It's now one of my staples.

Have you tried it yet?



  1. I really want to try!

  2. Your eyes are so pretty! And I want to try it :)


  3. so pretty! the small brush makes it easier for the bottom lashes...

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  4. I have quite thick eyelashes, so I seldom use mascara down there. By looking at your picture, your bottom lashes once the mascara is applied look quite evident, I wonder what may be the effect on my lashes. I'll check the nearest Clinique counter^^.

  5. That actually does sound pretty much like a good idea! Even I have long bottom lashes I tend to hit my own skin while putting on the first coat TT TT I might wanna try it out but, having several mascaras always seemed like an hassle to me haha xD

  6. They make mini brushes for this purpose? Okay my life is changed hahaha! Although I'm not sure about this formula, I really want to try a "bottom lid" mascara now. :) thanks for the info xo

  7. Wow wow !!! Wanna try!!!! I have super tiny bottom lashes;(

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  8. I never really knew they would make mascara for the bottom lashes...either way it be cool to try it out!

  9. WOWSERS! I wonder if you could just buy smaller spoolies (spelling?? lol) and then use those with your regular mascara...that way you're using the same formula on your entire eye. Hmm...I'll have to look into this. Thanks for sharing Suzi! :)


  10. I've tried it out, and I still can't get over having to purchase 2 mascaras! T.T Maybe when I'm not such a poor college student.

  11. i actually like putting mascara on my bottom lashes! wish more affordable brands would make one like this.

  12. Oh my gosh the baby wand is just too cute!!



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