8 May 2013

NYX Champagne & Caviar Palette

NYX The Runway Collection - Champagne & Caviar £10

Whilst browsing the NYX store for a few lipsticks, I could not help but checkout with this too, at £10, it is a real bargain. Im always on the hunt for a perfect neutral palette, some mattes, a bit of shimmer with a mixture of light and dark tones, no surprises, I was automatically attracted to this palette. The palette has a perfect mix of colours, everything I need, a matte white for highlighting,  shimmering gold, taupe and bronze hues, a matte brown and matte black for defining, I am not sure why this palette isn't more popular! The shadows are smooth and easy to blend, far beyond my expectations. The small size makes it perfect for travelling and makeup bags. I would highly recommend this palette to any neutral lover, it really is fab! 



  1. I have the too faced neutral pallette but then again it is a bit pricy. The shades really do look lovely

  2. I have this palette too. So glad I am reading this post bc I almost forgot about it haha poor thing was being neglected. Gotta bring it out this week and give it some love! :)

  3. Hello Suzy , i would work with you :D
    really i would because you are glam and yo professional

  4. i need this in my collection! got enough neutral palettes as it is atm ><"


  5. this is just the perfect neutral palette.. <3
    I so wish NYX was available here in Italy!


  6. This collection is nice, the shadows looks similar to the balm pallet.


  7. I think it's perfect as well! Thank you for sharing! x


  8. Oh wow, I love these colors! I need to find a new palette for my neutral colors and this looks perfect:) Thanks~

  9. This looks like a lovely palette :) Great post! x

    Toni| The Beauty Misfit

  10. The colours remind me of the Naked ones, so versatile! ^^

  11. IT loos really nice and pigmented. Hopefully it stays on my lids and doesn't go all over the place like my too faced palette lol

  12. I need this in my life, I love my neutral shades!

    Katie xx


  13. I was going to get this, but put it down while at Ulta in the States... maybe I should have picked it up! Darnit.
    <3 Carolyn
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  14. SUZI please please do a tutorial with it please please
    i own it and i couldnt come up with a look
    please do it


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