16 May 2013

Bourjois Cream Blush

01 Nude Velvet* / 02 Healthy Glow* / 03 Rose Tender* / 04 Sweet Cherry* 

Im a bit of a newbie to cream blushers, having tried many, I always came to the conclusion they made my oily skin look even greasier. That was until I started applying them with a stippling brush. I had always used the no fuss finger method which I always failed at. Stippling the cream blush leaves a more even, natural and smooth finish and once set with some powder, looks rather dewy and fresh. It's so much more easier too! I was excited to receive these new cream blushes from Bourjois, having just mastered the application method, I could not wait to give these a whirl. What I like about these cream blushes are the colours! All four are perfect, literally! Separated into a peach and pink category, all four colours are extremely wearable and flattering. There's a light peach, a warm peach, a light pink and a more vibrant pink, all packed into the classic Bourjois round pot design complete with a mirror. These are creamy, easy to apply and dry to a matte finish. Colour payoff is  great, what you see is what you get. I think they are fantastic for carrying around in any handbag due to their small portable size. Each pot is £7.99.

What do you think? Do you like cream blushers too?



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    1. Ah, I've always wanted to try these! I have oily skin too ! Might have have to invest in a stippling brush.



  3. I've never tried cream blushers before, but my current blusher is a Boirjois one so I'd like to try these! I love the rose tender shade x

  4. I haven't actually tried cream blushers at all but I really want to try the Bourjois ones out. I've heard that cream blushers look more natural than powder ones, even though I never apply blusher anyway. Maybe cream blushers might change my mind...

  5. I use cream blushes but never tried using a stippling brush for a better effect. Must try!


  6. I absolutely love Bourjois's baked blushes, so I'm looking forward to trying these when they're released in Australia!

    Beauty Challenged

  7. I always pass by the bourjois section because their blushes and eyeshadows are so cute. I haven't tried them yet but might consider it since the blush collections are very wearable!
    Stars Aligned

  8. I like these cream blushes, unfortunately Bourjois is impossible to find in my country! sad!

  9. Shuemura cream glow on* will suit you :)
    It has matt finish.


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