24 April 2013

Review: Missha Hand Butter Treatment Mask

For the past 3 weeks, my hands have been very dry, so dry they hurt. Having a puppy in my life means I wash my hands around 30x a day if not more once you include washing my face, having a shower etc. I was also using Canomile lotion due to a skin rash, it just made matters far worse as the lotion was SUPER drying. Digging through my mask drawer, I came across this hand mask, not even knowing how I accumulated it but I was intrigued, will this help my poor little crocodile skin hands? The entire mask is in Korean language so not knowing what it said, I opened the mask and took a wild guess. It really was a no brainer, there were a pair of gloves, soaked wet. I immediately put them on. I left them on until the gloves dried up, around 30minutes or so? Once removed, my hands felt immensely silky and smooth, I was impressed. Just like face masks, I guess you'll have to try it several times before you can work out whether or not it actually works but for a first impression, it made a huge difference to my hands. 
I couldn't find this exact one online but found other Missha hand masks, I obviously ordered some. Hopefully my hands will restore back to their original condition after a few soaks in these scarily oversized gloves. 

Have you tried a hand mask before? 



  1. I have never tried a hand mask before but I do treat my hands regularly with different oils and stuff.
    This hand mask look so fun though, definitely have to buy them too xD Thanks for sharing Suzi^^

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  3. I hate the feeling of dry hands, but once they start to hurt, this is it for me and I slather the 8 hour cream and sleep with Aloe-infused gloves. Sexy, I know, I know...

    I guess that's my own little version of a hand mask, but I'd be really curious to try this one out!

    -Elodie x


  4. I never thought about doing a hand mask, hair & face mask, but never hands. Maybe when winter comes along I'll try it!

  5. I have a pair sitting in my draws as well and I'm really reluctant to use it because my skin seems to react to everything under the sun! So I have very, very granny-looking hands! Recently, I've been slathering hand cream, rubbing it in, letting it sink in and then putting on a thick layer of vaseline on top! Then I wear my gloves and let it all absorb.

    It actually works really well and my hands actually feel less dry than usual after each hand wash!

  6. ah my hands needs some treatment. never heard of hand masks before


  7. This is interesting!! I never heard of hand masks before, but it wouldn't hurt to use!


  8. Having dry hands are super nasty and especially when it gets itchy too :C. Thanks for sharing this with us, I'm definitely gonna check them out ^^
    Missha is a great brand :D


  9. I've never seen hand mask around, but Missha products are lovely!

    x Sparks In Spring

  10. Where would you buy this mask? I'm in the U.S.

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