29 April 2013

Products WORTH the Hype!



  1. I love your videos Suzi! <3 Your voice is so cute!!


  2. I always look out for a new stylesuzi video!
    Thanks for the heads up on products worth purchasing :)

    Simone, XO

  3. Hi Suzi!
    Just like to say, I find all of your videos so useful and with this video, I totally agree with all of the products that you mentioned above! Although I still have to try the Real Techniques brushes as we don't sell them in Australia.

    Also please do continue with your vlogs. I don't think they're getting boring at all and I love the little features with Coco in it too. Its great how you show bits and pieces in your everyday life to fun eating/traveling vlogs :)

    Ann x


  4. Suzi, your hair look quite fantastic in this video. I can't wait to try the YSL lipstick, they've been at the top of my list forever... Real techniques are great brushes and they are quite easy to find here in the States. Also, they go on offer regularly so you can BOGO or for 50% off.

    Additionally, I totally agree about the clarisonic. I tried the manual brush, then the olay brush, then finally the clarisonic = LOVE!

    <3 Carolyn

  5. Hey Suzi, do you find that the Clarisonic irritates your skin? Especially around the lip area? I agree when you say it makes your skin squeaky clean but I can't use it too often since it tends to make my skin itchy afterwards.



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