20 February 2013

London Fashion Week With Intel

So London Fashion Week has been and gone. I had the fabulous opportunity to work with Intel, showing my experience at the most important week of the fashion calender. The idea was to give viewers an insight to what goes on during the week, exclusive backstage and front row access at the catwalk shows. I was armed with 3 cameramen who followed me from show to show. I did the video with Simon from The Very Simon G and I had so much fun doing so.
We were armed with the new Lenovo Yoga 13 Ultrabook convertible, it's a new nifty gadget which allows you to transform your laptop into a ultrabook. For the week I used the Intel-powered Ultrabooks,  which lets you use it like a normal laptop but if needed, you can flip the screen 360 degrees and turn it into a handy tablet. This is a really smart idea and I loved using it, it's perfect for those who want productivity and practicality in one piece. The video was so much fun to film and It was so easy to use the innovative gadget.

Watch the video below to see how I got on at London Fashion Week using the Ultrabook.



  1. Wow.. this looked like an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    <3 www.msjess.com

  2. I wish I could go! It's definitley somewhere I wish to visit at somepoint in my life^^ xx

    -Emily xx

  3. Suzi, when I come to London you go away ?! ahah saaad :(
    The Eiffel Fashion

    Bisous :)


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