8 February 2013

Etude House Face Designing Brightener & Highlighter

Etude House Face Designing Brightener & Highlighter*

I have never been fond of highlighters, I have oily skin so normally highlighters transform me into a grease face, my worst nightmare. I have tried several over the years which normally end up in the bin. I came across this Etude House highlighter when I stumbled upon a review on someone's blog (I really can't remember which it was,  >_<). Etude House is a Korean brand so my mind automatically thought 'It's probably great for me because I have asian skin'. As silly as it sounds, this really was my reason for purchasing it. Most highlighters I come across are often far too shimmery, some even sparkly and I find they always tend to have a pink pearly or a yellow sheen to them, not very flattering on my skin unfortunately. However, this Etude House one is perfect, so perfect I have been incorporating it into my everyday makeup routine. Its a great shade for me, not too pinky, not too yellow, sort of a neutral complimenting shade. It's also perfect for my oily skin too as it has more of a matte finish to it. A light swipe of this over the t-zone and the cheekbones is enough to highlight and lift my face without the obvious sheen. In other words, it's VERY natural. 

I got mine from Yestyle.co.uk (they sell tonnes of brands) but I am sure you will be able to pick this up from other online stores too. 

Whats your favourite highlighter?



  1. Looks stunning swatched; I'd be gutted to ruin the shooting star pattern in the pan though!

  2. Gorgeous! I am still trying to get use to highlighters with my oily skin. This may be the one! :-) Thanks Suzi x


  3. I've been searching for AGES for a decent highlighter! I've tried liquids and creams and powders and had the same problems as you! I wonder if this would work on caucasian skin?

  4. love! its super pretty, and how neutral it is, the pink ones look pretty bad sometimes, ie it gets abit too much..
    cant wait to see you use this in a vid!

    xo; L&M

  5. you're a saver suzi. i was looking for a highlighter and Etude House is my favourite brand. will definitely buy this next time :)


  6. ive never heard of this brand. but it looks awesome! It really surprised me how bright it looks on your hand! awesome!

  7. I love Etude House but I haven't tried this product yet. I am going to give it a go when I am visiting Korea this summer x


  8. Hi Suzi
    I love items from Etude house too. Their Collagen Moistfull Smoothing Ampule Primer works well on me too on casual days out. Not much coverage but evens out skin tone and gives radiance.
    But my favorite highlighter is from Holika Holika - Luminous Silk Aura Highlighter. It has white, beige and pink highlighters, 3 in 1. Looks natural too.

  9. Love the sound of this! Xx

  10. I have the exact same problem because I have oily skin. I've been using Benefit's High Beam for a while now, but whenever I incorporate into my makeup routine, I'm quite conscious that because of its cream consistency and my oily skin, I'm very stingy with putting it on my face. I definitely need a powdered one!


  11. I've been looking for a highlighter without shimmers or glitter flexes and I think this might be the one. Highlighters are an essential product, I'm suprised I don't have one yet. I'm going to end up doing a huge Etude House haul by the rate of Etude House spending I'm doing. Their new Sweet Recipe range is gorgeous as well! The cupcake all over colour in orange is to die for.


  12. Love how this is not too shimmery and frosty like typical highlighters. I might need to try this out! :)

  13. Wow this looks great. I'm definitely picking that one up next time I go to the mall.

  14. Very nice
    Cute x Www.MissCcollection.blogspot.com

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