18 January 2013

My January Picture Story

Bargain ring from Aldo | Cozy slippers are my current best friend | Artificial flowers | New H&M court shoes that fit like a glove | Sneak Peek of my shoe closet | Clean makeup brushes never fail to make me smile 

What is your January looking like? 



  1. great snaps suzi :) where did you get the artificial flowers from?

  2. nice photo's! love, love, loveee your show collection!


    Ploy <3 x

  3. The slippers are so cozy :3 I'm happy to see January was good to you ;)

    Have a nice day,

  4. Suzi! You answered my question about your Sigma brush the other day and I was just wondering if they're the brand you prefer in terms of brushes.

    I only own cheap brushes that shed everywhere, the only slightly fancy one I own is one by No7 and even that sheds. With this being said, I'd like to slowly move onto better quality brushes because I do find my make-up applies better with a better quality brush regardless of price (I have some non-shedding ones by QVS).

    Please could you recommend me a brush that is good *value* for money. So brushes with worth and with quality that matches or exceeds their price. I'd like to invest in some MAC brushes but I hear they shed and few people have said that their quality doesn't outweigh the cost.

    Thanks in advance, Suzi.

    - TSOH

  5. Love your shoe storage - I can't wait until the day I get to have my own space and do that too!

  6. These photos look lovely, especially the one of the artificial flowers.
    I'm also liking that sneek peak of your shoe collection! A video on that, maybe? ;)



  7. Ooh, the jewellery looks gorgeous! >W<
    And all those shoes. @0@


  8. Where did you get the shelf for your shoes? I've moved in to a place as well and am looking for a way to store my shoes.

  9. Awww such a cute idea xD
    Going to try this for February lol.
    I'm loving the white theme.. Can add pictures of snow to it as well now!


  10. Lusting over those shoes!!!

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