26 January 2013

Benefit Giveaway!

I picked this up a while ago, aiming to do a giveaway. In the mist of moving house and having all my belongings packed up in boxes, I forgot about this beaut. I managed to unpack this a few days ago and hey, here is the giveaway! This was purchased with my own money, as a little thank you for reading my blog. So if you would like to get your hands on this 'Im glam therefore I am' kit, follow the instructions below.


1. Comment and tell me what's your favourite benefit product and why
2. Leave your name and email address with your comment (so I can contact you if you do win) 
3. You must be following my blog
3. Optional: Share this post across your social networks? If you're feeling nice =) 

Winner will be announced via my blog and Twitter page, so make sure you follow me if you don't already. @stylesuzi

Giveaway closes on Valentines Day! 14th February 2013 at 12pm GMT

Love you all! xoxo



  1. My favourite Benefit product is definitely Hoola. It's an amazing bronzer, absolutely perfect for my skin tone :)
    Anastasia Soldatos, anastasia.soldatos@hotmail.com
    GFC follower: Anastasia


  2. I really like their porefessional it does help make my pores look smaller ^^ as my pores on my nose is quite big to me anyway. My e mail is trixiebella@live.co.uk and my name is trixiebella suen. I remember using that bad gal lashes found it so hard to use it since it was huge. Thanks for the giveaway

  3. benetint is my fav product, looks so natural on my cheeks :)

    Shermin Ali - scherry_dance@outlook.com

  4. really love POREfesionall primer from Benefit.. i think thats the best primer i ever use for my face,even better than MUFE primer.. really worth the price!!
    email address :lily_squarepants@yahoo.com
    thank you for this giveaway :)

  5. I never try Benefit products before, but I really want to try benetint and they porefesional. SO there's no favorite product so far.Thank you for make this giveaway suzimama.

    Name : Marsha Karta Swadharma
    GFC : Itsme.marsha
    Email : blushoff.gmail.com
    Blog : http://blushoff.blogspot.com/

  6. I don't have a favorite benefit product because I couldn't effort them so far :(( but i would looove to win this kit *-*
    Kristina Rauch, rauchkristina@gmail.com


  7. I haven't tried many Benefit products but from the ones I do have my favorite is definitely Hoola, it's just an amazing shade for my skintone,best bronzer I've tried so far! Thank you for the giveaway btw, you're so kind!
    Nikki Theofanopoulou, swan_rhcp@hotmail.com
    GFC: swan_rhcp

  8. My favourite benefit product it BOi-ing concealer because the formula is wonderful; it covers everything and the packaging is so cute as well!
    Thank you for the giveaway :)
    Julia Gurung


  9. Actually I have never tried their products properly because it's not sold in Japan, and they don't ship to Japan either somehow. I've used their Bad Gal mascara which came with British Glamour magazine but I didn't like it much because it smudges easily. I like Sun Beam which came with British InStyle magazine, but I cannot judge as it's a tiny sample! So that is why I thought it would be nice to enter this giveaway, to try out their product properly for the first time, and to let you know that I've been loving your blog :)

    Name : Nicole
    Email : aaay0420@gmail.com
    Twitter : areume11
    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo

  10. My favorite Benefit product is the Porefessional Primer. It works great with my skin and my concealer looks flawless.
    Jillian Chin Njet Thing, jillianchin@hotmail.com

  11. My favourite product has to be sugar bomb. The colour is so natural and gives off an amazing glow! Thanks for the giveaway.

    Elle x


  12. My favorite Benefit product would be Benetint because it has dual functions and the colors are very beautiful :D

    Mizu , marvelikalife@gmail.com
    GFC : Mizu chan

  13. I adore the porefessional primer, I'm quite conscious about the pores on my nose and cheeks and I find this covers them up perfectly so I have a great base for my foundation :)

    Twitter @sarahlouxo
    Email sarah.parkins88@gmail.com

    Sarah @ sarahlouxo.com xx

  14. favourite product is badgal lash (L)

  15. I haven't tried anything from Benefit but I want to try the High Beam and some of their blushes!

    Sandra, m-sandra@live.se

  16. I've never really tried any benefit make up apart from my friends foundation and the badgal lash mascara from a friend too, so I'd say the mascara is very good.

  17. I favourite product from benefit is sun beam golden bronze complexion highlighter! coz it brighten up my skin well and gives vitality to my skin.

    Thank you!


  18. My fav benefit product has to be benetint! ^^

    i bought it when i was 15, back then i wasnt really into makeup but this was something i wore on a daily basis :) it brings back good memories :D

    Email: shifa_patel@hotmail.co.uk

    GFC follower: shifa

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway xxx

  19. I love Benefit's high beam, it gives such a nice glow and really makes a difference! Thanks for another great giveaway Suzi, love your Youtube videos :)


  20. I actually never owned a Benefit product but I do like to go to Sephora and swatch some of their products! I love the texture of their eye shadows and blushes and I am thinking of splurging and getting the Boi-ing concealer.
    GFC: Elena
    I shared on twitter: https://twitter.com/babygirlMV/status/295191021376118784
    email: elenat86@gmail.com

  21. Great giveaway!

    I love their boxed blushes! Dallas being one of my favourites :)

    Vanessa; parisianorchid@hotmail.com


  22. I have tried quite a few different benefit products, mainly for skin. My absolute favourite, which i could not live without, is erase paste. I use it every day as an under-eye concealer as well as highlighting my cheekbones and brow bones.
    I would absolutely love to win this set.
    Thankyou so much,

  23. hello gorgeous,

    unfortunately I don't have any favourite product from Benefit because I have never used any :(( But if I had to choose one, that I'd like to try the most - that would be the 'They're real' mascara. I've read many many good reviews and many bloggers call it their favourite mascara ever! :)

    I shared the giveaway on my twitter: https://twitter.com/asia92/status/295191950372519936

    my email is laurkaaa (at) hotmail.com

    kisses from Denmark,
    Asia <3

  24. I love benefit's good to go lipstick because it makes my lips look fuller with still natural finish. I am Livia and my mail is livia.pavlikova@hotmail.com

  25. my favourite would be the dandelion blush. i love how it's so subtle and warm. it gives a healthy glow, and it's super pigmented! i'm usually more a matte blush fan, but this piece has definitely blown me away with it's super pigmented glitters! oh, and it takes forever to finish, there is no need to stock up on spares^^


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  27. My favourite benefit product is the high beam highlighter. It highlight my face really good in flash photography and you only need to apply a tiny amount onto the face which is a plus =)

    Ellen Chu

  28. my favourite benefit product is the Boi-ing concealer. I love it! My favourite concealer of all time.

    Sam Ram

  29. my favorite is the Benetint since it looks really natural and stay on really well. plus it makes matching cheek and lips color so much easier! x

    Kim Nguyen

  30. My favourite is Benefit Eye Bright! It's perfect :) I love it 'cos it makes my eyes brighter and wider :D And cuter^^

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  32. Hi there,

    Thanks for this giveaway. I am not sure whether this giveaway is opened worldwide. but it is still alright. I enjoy reading your blog and youtube tutorials :)

    I never really try any of their products before as it is quite pricey from where I am from and I am just a student. But I would love to own their blushers one day :)

    Name: Daphnee
    Email: daphnee90@gmail.com
    GFC: daphnee

    Love from Malaysia xx

  33. My fav. Benefit product is indeed a skincare product. The Triple Performing Facial Emulsion is one of the best emulsions I've came across. It smells divine and works really well on my face. The oil-free and SPF formula also gives me a no-grease face during the day yet very moisturizing.
    Truly hope to win this giveaway as I've never ever win a proper prize in my life... and I'd like to try this product out. ;)

    Tracy xx

  34. My favourite benefit product is the benetint lip stain. i love the color and i'm a high school student it's easier for me since i dont have to reapply alot and lasts all day long<3 my name is Tseyang and my email is nam.tseyang@hotmail.com thnks for holding this giveaway!

  35. I LOVE BENEFIT! I love the cute packaging and the fact that the products don't break me out! I have the High Beam highlighter, Benetint rose lip stain, and the Dallas bronzer/brush and I love allll of them~ the Hello Flawless powder is amazing too! I use it on clients all the time. ♥

    Natalia Rosario

  36. My favourite is High Beam! Transforms your face, for real :P
    email: aiyanabeisley@gmail.com

  37. My favourite Benefit product is the "High Beam, complexion enhancer." Leaves such an amazing glow on my face when I use it as highlighter, and because of its lotion/liquid consistency, it's so adaptable and easy to blend. And one pot has lasted me ages!

    Vivian Yuen



  38. my favorite is definitely their full finish lipsticks!i just love them!
    gfc despoina telligiannidou
    email despoinakii_t@hotmail.com

  39. My favourite benefit product has to be benefit high beam (the pink one rather than the gold one). great as a subtle highlight!

    Denise Fong

  40. My favorite Benefit product is the Porefessional. I wish they made more products without a scent though, for those of us who are sensitive to that type of thing.

    Name: Kim
    Email: raisingirl@comcast.net

  41. My absolute cannot-live-without benefit product would be the Dandelion blush! It's a gorgeous shade of blush that is a peach tone with golden undertones which compliments any skintone and goes well during any season.
    Ir gives you the right amount of rosy cheek effect that it's a must on dates!

    Shout out to Suzi! Thank you for you doing your thang! You and your blog always inspire me :)

  42. My favourite would probably the hoola bronzer by benefit because guuuurl it slims down my football-round face nicely. The colour suits my olive complexion too and I really like the cute box packaging!

    Lily, smokeyoke@hotmail.co.uk


  43. my favourite benefit product is the total moisture, moisturiser because it leaves my skin feeling so soft and absorbs quickly also dosent make my skin oily throughout the day and also smells really good!


  44. I love their coralista blush because it's such a lovely shade on me!

    faked_sugartone at hotmail

  45. I have never tried Benefit products.. Probably because its pricey for me and I can get it online only.
    name,email: Anya, reita3@hotmail.com
    thank you~

  46. My favorite benefit product is the erase paste brightening camouflage for eyes & face because it is a great concealer for my panda eyes!
    My email is : decemberzoe@gmail.com (Zoe)

    Thanks for the giveaway^^

  47. Thanks for the give away Suzi, I love the benefit sets. My fab product is the DALLAS blusher, perfect pick me up colour for my cheeks.
    Email: hanhnguyen1@gmail.com

  48. Benetint. Just gave me perfect korean lips ;)


    Xoxo suzi

  49. My fave is the Posietint, as I love effective multi-use products.
    Thank you for holding the giveaway! xx

  50. I liked their IT Stick but I don't know if they still make that. I loved how creamy it was.
    Natalie S
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/TSOHblog/status/295202512305262592

  51. My favourite product from Benefit is definatelly the POREfessional! I love the creamy texture, how it feels on my skin and how it can cover my craters that acne creates! It covers my pores so well, it's like Photoshop in a cute package! Photoshop for real life ;)

    My name is Maria and my e-mail is mariia_adriiana@hotmail.com
    Good luck all xox

  52. Hey Suzi :) i don't earn any benefit products but i was planning on buying the erase paste, heard good things about it.
    My email is s_kioune@hotmail.com


  53. What a great giveaway hun!

    My favourite is the Dandelion blush, It's lovely on my pale skin!

    Linzi Louisa , linzilou92@hotmail.co.uk

  54. my favorite benefit product is their dandelion face powder, i use it as a blush and it works really great on me, i also love the color of it. I actually bought it because i saw it in one of your video, the jiyeon-look tutorial if im not mistaken ;D

    Gabriella Olivia

    *finger crossed*

  55. *WAVES* Hi Suzi :)
    I haven't bought any benefit products before so I don't have a favorite yet... I looked on the website and all the products have really cute packaging! ALSO, I'm looking forward to buy Benefit's It's Real Mascara.

    Michelle Hoang and my email is booitzmichiee-xx@hotmail.co.uk

  56. My favorite benefit product has to be the "they're real" mascara. It does wonders to my stubborn lashes.

  57. I love all of the Benefit's tints - I cannot say which one is my favourite, because they're all amazing. The colour is great and so is the staying power. Also the bottle is just cute - with the little brush and all;)

    My name: Paulina
    e-mail: pax1291@gmail.com

  58. I love the POREfessional and the "they're real"-mascara! I do have really oily skin and therefore big pores, and the porefessional does the trick! Thanks for the giveaway, Suzi!
    wanderherz@gmail.com Sandra

  59. My favorite Benefit product is their eyeshadow primer because I can also use it as concealer! LOVES it! Thanks Suzi for holding this giveaway. You're awesome!

  60. I don't own any Benefit products but I would love 'Erase Paste', I have really dark eye circles and I think it would do the job of covering them up.


  61. High beam hightlighter cause it's perfect and helps me define my face ^^ Rose and email is parapeachpara@live.com

  62. one of my fav would be the benefit concealer it does a pretty good job at concealing blemishes thats what i have heard so im hoping on trying it. My name is anh nguyen email : azn_piggy@hotmail.com

  63. I've never got to try any Benefit products, they're too expensive=( But I'd love to try the Hoola bronzer!=) Thanks for the giveaway! Name: Connie email: connietang2@hotmail.co.uk

  64. I love the POREfessional primer
    minhchieu tran

  65. wow this is so great! i was just eyeing this palette on the benefit website earlier!! LOL
    actually the only benefit product i've ever tried is the benetint, it's awesome on the lips, the color is so pretty and it's so easy to apply! i really like it and have heard good things about benefit... also i love their packaging sooo much! i hope i'd be able to win this :D
    my name is Anh, email account is miinhanh@gmail.com

  66. I like benefit hoola Bronzer, Benefit Sun beam,they're real mascara.=D

  67. i love the coralista blusher, it works with all skin tones which is perfect :)

    Jemie mistry, my email is jem3192@yahoo.co.uk


  68. I'm not sure what my favorite product is, because I've always been too keep to try it! I've always been a fan of how their blushes work, like the bombshell boxes.
    isaysmeow@aol.com and my name is Christina :3

  69. I like Benefit's They're real mascara because it is the only mascara that catches the tips of my lashes. I love how it makes my eyelashes look incredibly long! Name: Beaubits, Email: beaubits@gmail.com. ^_^

  70. Hey hun. Great giveaway! I've never tried any Benefit products but I would LOVE to try the new Oxygen WOW foundation. Seems to have a lot of yellow in it which is just what I need.

    Name is Jeneille and the email addy is jinjera@gmail.com

    I follow via GFC

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  72. I like benefits high beam because it gives a great glow to my face! Name: Anna email: clumsyannah@yahoo.com

  73. To be honest I've never tried any benefit products, hope I win so I will know how good their products are. name is Ruby, email is >>> rubyrouge7@yahoo.com

  74. i haven't tried a huge range of benefit products just because they are ridiculously overpriced here in Australia but I did get a gift set from my friends. i really like their coralista blush! i know why tons of people rave about that product! thanks for the giveaway Suzi <3


  75. My favourite Benefit product is the high beam highlighter.
    It gives my pale a skin a beautiful healthy glow, its a main part of my make up routine! Another bonus is that it lasts a long time, I have had my dinky bottle of high beam for a couple of years.

    Thanks Suzi ^_^

    Hannah angel - narutosbaybii@hotmail.co.uk

  76. I love benetint, it gives a nice natural glow.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  77. My favorite product posietint, it gives such a nice color on your cheeks. That makes you look healthy and glowy along with the high beam :)

    My name is Patricia and my email is pdelacruz__@hotmail.com

  78. I love They're Real! Mascara. It's the only non-waterproof mascara that doesn't smudge on me.

    Such a lovely giveaway, would love to try more Benefit products.



  79. my favourite benefit product has to be the 'they're real' mascara! it's the bed mascara i have ever come across and really makes my eyelashes look so much thicker and longer compared to other mascaras i have! thank you for this giveaway suzi, we all appreciate this so much!:)
    christy chu - christychu111@hotmail.com

  80. I love Benefit they're real mascara because it it amazing and makes my lashes look super long! Daisy: daizflower@live.co.uk

  81. heeey Suzi! :D my favourite benefit product is the theyre real mascara because it makes my short asian lashes look as if theyre actually existant lol. I also love high beam because it makes my cheekbones stand out so much more!

    Thanks for your giveaway :] xxx

    Sophie Chan - soapychan@hotmail.co,uk
    (my emails embarrassing i know lol)

  82. Thanks so much for this Suzi! I love the Pore-fessional because I have golf ball size pores and it tightens my pores and gives me a lovely canvas to work with when im doing my makeup! Love Highbeam as well! My fave highlighter ever!

    Sade A - inmysundaybest12@gmail.com

    XOXO Sade

  83. First of all, thank you for doing this type of things 4 your followers... K, I haven't tried many Benefit products, but definitaly my must have are Benetint, High Beam and Hoola bronzer... They've a good formula, nice texture, and work perfectly with my type of skin... Adriana Marquez - adrianavmarquez@hotmail.com

  84. My fav benefir product is theyre real mascara. I have little stumpy lashes :( that mascara does wonders fro me :D i love it. My name is Dina my email is dina.nurzhanova@gmail.com fingers crossed x

  85. Hi Suzi :]
    How generous of u to give another giveaway!
    I love benefit's porefessional primer. Works great on my skin making my makeup stay throughout the day and covers my small pores pretty well :]


    Name: Mair Ace
    Email address: happy2bborn@gmail.com

  86. aw thats nice of you! :)
    defiantly porefessional its expensive but i cant go wrong with the finish x

  87. I've never had any Benefit product, but I'd like to try the benetint at some point! I just love tints^^.


    GFC: c1re5an
    email: nuria.cirera.t@gmail.com

  88. hu suzi :)
    my favorite is highbeam. its a great highlighter
    name: mouna skali

    email: mounaskali@hotmail.com

  89. HIII Suzii!!
    My favorite product from benefit is their "they're real" mascara!!
    It's just ..awesome! hehe
    Name: Helen
    Email: helen_2uht1@hotmail.com


  90. My favourite Benefit product is their They're Real Mascara! I've tried sooo many different mascaras, from drugstore to high-end brands, but they just didn't work for me.... I'm Canto-chinese, so I have really short eyelashes, but this mascara is the solution! When I put this on, my lashes are looking sooo much longer & fuller and it stays on all with without smudging! So I really love this mascara & I'm definitely going to re-buy it!
    I really want to try out this kit!
    E-mail: joeywong309@msn.com
    xx Kayan Joey Wong

  91. My favourite benefit product is definitely the 'they're real' mascara! It gives so much volume to my eyelashes and make my eyes stand out!


  92. Unfortunately I haven't tried any Benefit products :( But I do want to try the porefessional!
    Susan Luu

  93. Hello~
    My favourite product is their thrrrob turned on face powder
    not only because the little box that the blush sits is cute, but the blush itself is so smooth and the colour is so gorgeous as well.
    a thin layer will instantly brighten up your skin and it gives a really sweet colour
    Name: Christy
    Email: cholamchristy@hotmail.com
    thank you<3 xoxo

  94. My favorite Benefit product is benetint rose-tinted lip & cheek.
    I love this product ever since my cousin gave it to me as a birthday present, I love the soft red natural color it gives to my lips, it is just perfect shade for school!! Its really easy to apply ,its the perfect size as well. The color last for hours.

    Name: Marta Montoya

    Email: esperanza2u_oa@yahoo.com

  95. My favourite Benefit product has to be the Hoola Bronzing Powder. It leaves such a nice glow which makes the skin look healthy and glowing, it also lasts for a long time both on the face and the product itself! :)

    Kirsty Ngo - kfchickenrawks@live.co.uk

  96. My favourite product is the hoola bronzer, it's perfect for contouring :)
    Email: ashx_x@live.co.uk

  97. Cha Cha Tint! I use it every day. It's the greatest make-up product ever! :)

    Helen Greenwood

    tennesseehollow @gmail.com

  98. I actually have never tried any Benefit products before, I always wanted to try their make up though! But I do love all their perfumes! They smell so good

    Kiki - xkikix@live.nl

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  100. I love Bad Girl mascara - expensive but worth it does everything i would want a mascara to do for my lashes personally

    Sharon Kaur

  101. I absolutely love the Porefessional Pore-Minimizing Balm. It's absolutely amazing on my combination/oily skin and really helps to cover up the school-stress wrinkles that show up every now and then :/

    Dee DeJesus - deedummer@gmail.com

  102. I´ve never tried anything from Benefit before. I ever wanted the "their real"mascara but..ok..haha
    i would be so happy if i could try the things. I´m such a make-up-oholic haha XD
    greetings from germany

  103. hello ~~ I haven't tried any Benefit products so I don't have any favourites ^^' but I would like to try this one (: <3

    Name: Katja S
    Email: kisutytto2@hotmail.com

  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. Ooo this set is lovely
    My fave benefit product is porefessional
    I really want to try out watts up but I'm on a spending ban :(

    Name - amy gamble
    Email amypyt@hotmail.co.uk

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. I love Benefit's You Rebel tinted moisturiser!
    Its so natural and gives you a velvety finish ^_^

    My name is Eunbie Kang
    Email: sweetsunshine93@hotmail.com

  108. My favorite Benefit product is the Porefessional Primer which makes my pores invisible. I can just use it without foundation on lazy days :P
    Love from HK <3

    Joanna Ma

  109. I have never tried any Benefit product, so if I win, this will be my favourite one! ;)

    I follow you via GFC! (blook or b-look)

    e-mail: blook.blog@gmail.com

    Thanks! :)

  110. My favourite Benefit product is definitely They're Real! mascara.
    I can't tell you how much I looooooooove that mascara: it's all about length and volume in one tube <3

    Josephine De Monteiro

  111. I don't own benefit product because where I live it doesn't exist !!
    But if I look on the pics that you share I can say that I love those mimi palets where there's all in it because it's really easy to take it away in your bag... and finally, it's pink (that's the more important) !!

    Claudie Grondein

  112. My favorite Benefit product is the high beam luminescent complexion enhancer! Its AMAZING. ahhaa. :D

    I'm Katie Chan

    Thankk youuu! <3

  113. my favorite Benefit product is Benetint! I carry it everywhere its my holy grail product haha <3


  114. my fave benefit product is badgal lash (:
    name: tammy
    email: 999tammy@gmail.com

  115. My favorite Benefit product is the Benetint. I use it almost everyday :)
    My email is : cindykoon@hotmail.fr and my name is : Cindy Koon. From HK just like you :D

  116. My fav Benefit product is My Place or Your Place Gina- it smells divine!!!
    Love you :)
    Name: Tika Chika
    email: sleepychika@gmail.com

  117. I absolutely love sunbeam, it makes my skin appear so healthy and glowy. I love that it's a gold highlighter and it makes my skin look much more radiant. It's quickly become my favourite highlighter. xx

    Name: Huma Chaudhri
    GFC: Confessions of a beauty lover
    Email: humachaudhri@hotmail.co.uk

  118. My favourite benefit product is the porefessional primer which is a-ma-zing! It makes my pores look way smaller and it really does its job ;3. I never thought a primer would be able to make such a big difference! I really recommend it to you!
    Name: Cristina-Andreea
    E-mail: foxfire.nights@yahoo.com

    p.s: Bloglovin has some problems now..

  119. My fav product of benefit would be the Badgal -mascara, it makes my lashes so large and pretty. and the benetint is amazing!

    Name: Daniela Picazo
    e-mail: haappy.berry@live.com.mx

    Ps. Grettings from Mexico

  120. My favorite benefit product is the rouge "DALLAS" because it's such a beautiful rouge-color and i love the little rouge brushes.

    My Name is Laura and my e-mail is lali.heartcore@web.de

  121. my fave benefit product is They're Real mascara!! it works super super good for my flat short asian lashes ;)) thanks for the giveaway,Suzy!

    Name : pamela
    email : jadeinthepalace@googlemail.com
    GFC : Jadeinthepalace


  122. I absolutely LOVE "Benetint" by Benefit. Simply because the texture is very light and it works amazingly on my face! Looks very natural too! Plus it is suitable for all skin types.. that's the best part ♥

    Name: Melissa Koay
    GFC: Michiko Kawashi
    E-Mail: michikokawashi@hotmail.com

  123. The mascara! It's called, they're real! The wand is really well made and it feels like you're applying a perfect amount onto your lashes. They make them look so big and bold it's amazing!

    My name is Alissa and email -> bunnyybeauty@gmail.com

  124. Benefit watt's up hightlighter, recently got it and loved it since.

    Renee R.
    renee.rx AT gmail.com

  125. My fave benefit product must be the poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain. I love it 'cause it generates a cute and natural rosy look on your cheeks but also sweet lips when using it for lips:p hehe It's just awsome you should try it, good at many occasions and you could just have it in your bag when needed ^o^!

    Name: Anzal
    E-mail: fashionfreak51@hotmail.com

  126. I don't have a favorite one since i have bever been able to purchase benefit products. Thank You for being so generous and the opportunity to finally get to try some!! (=

  127. I love Benefit's Porefessional as it really helps with filling in my pores and makes my skin a blank canvas for foundation! :)

    - Dawn

  128. Primping With The Stars is my favourite! makes my skin look soooo perfect haha :)

    - Mish

  129. Never tried benefits makeup.. yet. I really want to though! I'd love to try the mascaras & the hoola bronzer! they look great! :)



  130. Hi suzy! My favorite Benefit item is They're real - mascara, Im in love with it at the moment as my lashes are thin and short :)

    Id love to get this sit, thank you so much


    I shared your blog on my facebook ;)


  131. hi!!!! my favorite benefit item is hoola bronzer

    leticia palacios

  132. I love High Beam! My name is Kylie. Email simplefactor@gmail.com. Thanks!

  133. My fave Benefit product is the classic Benetint. It gives such a natural effect and I have loved it for ages!

  134. I don't have a favourite Benefit product but I've always wanted to try the Benefit "Benetint" :)

    Amy Vong

  135. Definitely the Hervana blush I wear ALL THE TIME! Can't get enough of it. (^0^)

    Phoebe Walker

  136. My favourite Benefit product is the High Beam, helps give my face a bit of life!
    GFC = MindyandRoo
    Email = mindyandroo@googlemail.com

    Thanks so much! :D <3

  137. AMAZING GIVEAWAY! Thank you so much =D

    My fav Benefit product is Boi-ing. My sleepless night saviour! Also Dandelion blush as it's just the best colour blush ever and goes on so well. I need more now I think about it XD

    Jo Tokyo
    Added into sidebar & tweeted as thanks for always doing awesome posts =D

  138. My favourite benefit product is High Beam because it's a great highlighter that makes my face look less dead XD
    GFC: Jer
    Email: jaekayy (at) gmail dot com

  139. My favourite product is - THEY ARE REAL - mascara , it makes me feel soooo confident and makes me look like im wide awake


    loveee yaaa xx

  140. My favourite product from Benefit is the Erase Paste because it covers my dark circles like no other and brightens up my complexion so well!!

    Kristina :)

  141. To be honest, I don't have a favorite benefit product because I've never had the opportunity to try one. This sound awful, I know, but I really have been trying to get my hands on one for a while now, but it just isn't in the cards for me right now. With this giveaway, though, I hope to remedy this problem :)
    Thanks so much for the opportunity, and good luck to all!


  142. My favorite product of theirs is the benetint! Because I can use it on my lips as well as my cheeks :)
    Denysia Yu

    following via GFC

  143. Hervana, nicest smelling blush ever!


  144. My fav product from benefit is high beam, because it is the only product i have tryed by them :)
    Louise hurcombe

  145. My favourite Benefit product has to be the Eye Bright pencil stick because it's just easy, instantly awakens my tired looking eyes and the pink colour just makes is a lot subtler than using white pencil :)

    Yuna Yoon

  146. Loooove the sugar bomb blush, subtle, not too glittery and gives the most amazing glow. Thanks for this gi away :)
    Cass tang cass.tang86@gmail.com

  147. I don't have any benefit products =[ But I definitely want to try out their mascara and high beam since there's so much hype for it! Thank you for the giveaway :3


  148. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  149. I LOVE Benefit posie tint because i use it on my lips, cheeks and sometimes on my eyelids for a light pinky colour Heheh
    and i also love the moisturizer one of the only thick moisturizers that keep my skin rlllly hydrated
    THank You<3 i really love your videos and u!

    Jiyoon Chang

  150. Thank you for offering such a generous giveaway. My favorite Benefit product is Benetint. I love Benetint because it is a multipurpose product that is easy to use, looks lovely on, and smells wonderful.

    Cindy Aiton

  151. Omg, thank you so much for such a lovely giveaway! I only own one Benefit product so I suppose that would have to be my 'favourite' XD It's the Benefit Blush in Dandelion :) It's very sheer but the colour is beautiful & can be built up - it's a gorgeous pink that gives any look a cute flush of colour!

    Jennifer Huang

  152. Helloo ^^

    I have never had the chance to try anything from Benefit so I don't have a favourite product.. :( It's not that I don't like it, I just can't afford it. So I do wish i could try it by winning?


  153. I've never tried any Benefit products before so I don't have a favorite.
    I follow your blog via GFC (Colleen Boudreau)
    I also Tweeted: https://twitter.com/collifornia/status/295344819377672193

    holliister at gmail dot com

  154. hi suzi..

    Love your blog.. always be my must read in every single day and before start my work. I love BENEFIT as well, the most product that I adore is Erase Paste and Hello Flawless. The result is sooo amazing...It so perfect to cover up my blemishes and brighten my eyes. After all, I'm very busy person and no time for grooming. The only solution is Erase Paste and Hello Flawless... Mascara and Lip Balm..then ready to go =D


    Greetings from MALAYSIA v(^.^)v

  155. I love They're Real! mascara. Make my lashes look so long.


    Rebecca Phillips - GFC

  156. Hello Suzi, I love benetint rose-tinted lip & cheek stain because it makes me doesn't look so pale.

    My email is strawberry_giahui@hotmail.com

    My blog is http://strawberry-chin.blogspot.com

    Thank you. :)

  157. Hey Suzi! ^_^ thank you so much for the giveaway!
    i love the benefit hoola bronzer! it isn't very muddy looking, and it is quite a natural look!

    email is ki.slee@hotmail.com

    Greetings from Australia!!

  158. My favourite is the "They're Real" mascara because it gives you the most wonderful fluttery lashes while still being able to avoid clumping and the "spider legs" effect! My name is Diana and my email is deelyp.law@gmail.com

  159. I LOVE Benefit's creaseless cream shadows in Birthday Suit and Sippin n Dippin. And these are the only Benefit products that I own. It really last on my lids all day and did not crease, not to mention the colours are really really pretty and wearable.
    Name: Jae Tan
    Email: jytan_92@hotmail.com

  160. My favourite product from benefit would definately have to the the They're Real mascara, it does wonders for my asian lashes!!
    e-mail: kathy.14394@live.com

  161. I haven't had to opportunity to try out benefit products because they're so expensive here in Australia. But i have been keeping my eye on the hoola bronzer.


  162. My favorite benefit product (so far) would have to be 'high beam'. This highlighter is amazing!! Just a dot on the inner corners and your eyes will instantly sparkle :D


    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!! (:

  163. Erase paste because it does wonders and erases all my spots and imperfections!
    e: carina.yuen0628@gmail.com

  164. my favorite benefit product is the "FULL-FINISH LIPSTICK" oh my GOSH! I AM so IN LOVE WITH THIS LIPSTICK. It's creamy formula gives me the full coverage and color that I want, and it is long lasting. If i were a man and this Lipstick is a girl. I definitely say (she's the one).. The PINKING OF YOU (POP OF PINK) COLOR, MAKES ME MORE BEAUTIFUL :)

    Name: Cherrelyn aka Clawie
    email: Cherrelynnadela@live.com

  165. I'm so sorry that I never tried any benefit products before and that's why I hope to win this as I can try it . Anyway , I really hope that I can win this . At last , thank you SUZI for made this GIVEAWAY ! :)

    Name : Wai Kee
    Email : waikeekan@gmail.com

  166. I've never tried benefit products before because it's hard to get these in stores around my area! Thank you for doing this giveaway though and maybe I can win it! :)

    Name: Eugenia Wong
    Email: ryoxyamapi[at]gmail[dot]com

    Sorry for the awkward email layout -hope you don't mind :(

  167. Dandelion is one of my favourite benefit products. I love the scent and I love it can be use not only as a powder also can be use as a light pink blush.=)

    My name is Filice Nengjie FAN
    My email address: fannengjie@hotmail.com
    My page: giraffeisland.blogspot.com

  168. I love Porefessional primer! It works well with my oily skin and provides a smooth surface for my foundation :D

    Name: Catherine Au
    Email: cather.au@gmail.com


  169. I really like high beam, it's one of those really nice a little goes a long way highlighters. I like to use it on the bridge of my nose and cheekbones usually.

    name: elizabeth robert
    email: robert.elizabeth9@gmail.com

  170. my favorite benefit product is the benetint because the color is gorgeous and its really easy to apply and use. the quality is amazing and its very convenient since it can be both a cheek and lip stain.

    name: shirley la.
    email: syeollila@hotmail.com

    :) xx

  171. I really like the Benefit perfume called "Laugh with me LeeLee!

    Name: Maggie Ly
    Email: maggie_ly8@hotmail.com

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  172. I haven't had the chance of trying Benefit's items before so I really hope I win this so I can try their products! :)


    Thanks a lot babe! Xoxo

  173. I love the Benefit They're Real mascara as I found it really helped to add length and volume to my lashes.

    Thank you for this giveaway :)

  174. Hi SUZI!
    My favourite 'Benefit Product'is the 'sugarbomb ultra plush'lipgloss. The reason why I LOVE this product is because it is a very natural pinkish nude colour which is PERFECT for everyday use. I always have it in my bag whenever I go out so I can re-apply it onto my lips whenever they feel dry. Also, suprisingly this lip gloss is not thick and sticky like other lipglosses out there in the market; it feels very comfortable on my lips.
    Thank You,
    Name: Vicky Wu
    Email: vicky.wu1203@gmail.com

  175. My favorite Benefit product is their industrial concealer because it covers all of my flaws beautifully and suits me skin tone the best.

    Shirley La - shirleypla@gmail.com

  176. my favorite Benefit product is absolutely the pore professional primer. It helps minimize my pore so wekk
    Thank sweet ! My name is Trang
    Email: kachia.ca11@yahoo.com

  177. I love Benetint for giving me that 'first-kiss' kinda rosy glow ^^

    GFC name: Tshering Yangzom
    Email: titi.yangzom@gmail.com

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  178. I love my bad gal mascara.
    I only tried it once, I was impressed.
    Now I am using others since benefit products are expensive.
    My email add is shinmin02 @ gmail.com

  179. Hi Suzi! Thank you for this awesome giveaway :)
    I actually have never tried any Benefit products, so sadly I cannot say which ones my fave! Hopefully I'll get to try one soon and let you know next time.. ^^

    My name is Anna and my email address is jiheekim92@gmail.com


  180. Hi Suzi!
    I've never owned any Benefit products, but I do love secretly using my sister's Sugarbomb blush! :P It gives me a nice glow

    Janine Hardy - hardyjanine@gmail.com

  181. Hello ^-^/
    I love Hoola bronzer! I am pretty fair-skinned and this is bronzer doesn't make my face look like a huge mess, because it isn't to dark for me and it blends really well. A little bit of it goes a long way!
    Kenzie Lupin --- klupinart@yahoo.com

  182. Hi Suzi, I am in love with the Benefit Eye Bright brightening pencil. It's pink tone neutralizes my under eye circles so well I no longer feel inferior or uncomfortable with the under eye circles problem everytime I put it on. In fact, it's the only Benefit product I have so it'll really be an honor if I could win this giveaway.
    Thank you for the constant updates on Youtube, appreciate you good tutorials and reviews (:

    Lynn Ng - liyingng.91@gmail.com

  183. Hi Suzi :)
    I am Sabrina Tedjokusuma:)
    I never try any benefit products before T__T but i'd love to! :)
    I did follow your blog and share your giveaway at twitter @SabrinaTe
    My email address is sabrinatjo@gmail.com
    Thank you :)

  184. I love the creaseless cream eyeshadow in birthday suit. :) It lasts all day, and look gorgeous!

    Cecilie Dupont ceciliedupont@hotmail.com

  185. My favourite Benefit product is Watt's Up! - it's stunning and gives the most amazing glow!
    Name: Irina Gnatiuk
    Email: marfusha1976@gmail.com
    Following your blog via GFC, name: Irina Gnatiuk
    Tweeted: https://twitter.com/IrinaZhoze/status/295477005007351809

  186. my fave benefit is the possietint! its so pretty and natural looking~

    olivia nguyen, oliviaa._@live.com

  187. I never tried Benefit products before but I heard many good things about their blushes so I hope to try those one day ! =)


  188. Hi Suzi!
    Since I live in New Zealand I have never been able to try any benefit products :c
    Name; Lauren Grout
    Email; Laurengrout@hotmail.com

    ♥♥♥ from

  189. I could not afford benefit, ut once got an Free example, they are real! Mascara and i was hooked <3 Hail to the free samples :)

    Thanks for the give away Suzi!

    Winnie lam, winnieelam@hotmail.com

  190. hi suzi my fav benefit product is hoola bronzer! its my first product ive ever tried and id like to try more,this is good possibility :))

  191. My favourie product from benefit would have to be porefessional because it is such a great face primer and it makes my skin looking absolutely flawless! :)


    thanks for having this giveaway doll :) xx

  192. MY favourite from Benefit would definitely be their pore professional and the badgal lash mascara! Give flawless look, very smooth and feel so nice!

    Anna Huynh
    email: annanhu.huynh@hotmai.com

  193. not really tried too many Benefit products but my favourite is Porefessional primer :) would love to try some other products like this though!


  194. Hi x3!
    I never try the benefit cosmetics :c , but i really want it!! <3
    Name and email: Farkas Zsanett, viccuchan@yahoo.com
    Thank you ~ *many hug from Hungary*

  195. I love their Boing concealer, because it covers literally everything.

    Spela Anzeljc

    Xoxo, Peppi

  196. Hi Suzi!
    I LOVE Benefit products! Have to say, my favourite for the past 6 months has been the Sugarbomb box blusher. It gives a great pinky flush to the cheeks with just the right amount of shimmer to still look natural. This is fantastic for giving a glow to the face during the daytime (especially with my pale skins) and is buildable for evenings for a bit more glamour!

    Thanks, love your blog!
    Charlotte Wong xx

  197. I love the POREfessional from benefit. I use it on a daily basis, except I don't leave the house ^_^ It's awesome. I hate the big pores on my nose and my forehead but this really helps to minimize this problem.


    such a great giveaway :D

  198. I haven't tried anything from Benefit but I want to try the High Beam and some of their blushes.!
    twitter :Marouloulou
    fb:Marou Loulou
    Name: Maria R.
    Gfc:Marou Loulou

  199. I love posietint the most! so natural and girly ~
    Email: iblamedoodle[@]yahoo[.]co[.]uk

  200. my favourite is 'they're real' mascara, because i have no lashes!



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