15 December 2012

Review: Tria Laser Hair Removal

When I was first asked whether I wanted to review the Tria Hair Removal Laser* gun, I was slightly skeptical. I was worried about 1. the pain and 2. whether it was safe or not. I had only ever heard about laser hair removal at the salons so doing it myself, in my own home threw me off a little. After reading a tonne of reviews online, I decided to give it a shot. The Tria is one of only two FDA approved laser hair removal devices, both clinically proven to remove hair permanently
Hair free for upto 6 months? It was something I dreamt of! Having received the device, it actually looked quite friendly. The Tria is designed to travel down to the root of the hair, zapping the hair follicles which eventually will make them weak. I have been using this device for 4 weeks now, here is my experience so far. 

Week 1

After reading the instructions, I built up the courage to use it. There are 5 settings, the higher you go, the more effective it becomes. I was surprised at how small the actual laser area, surely it can't hurt that much. I began on a mere 2 to test the water. After shaving my underarms (you must shave before you use it) I turned on the device, pressed it against my underarm and began firing. I was surprised at how bearable it was, so much I decided to whack it up to level 4. It took around 15-20mins to cover the entire area of my underarm, I did it whilst watching TV, perfect distraction. Warning: You must concentrate and remember which area's you have shot. It is not ideal to go over the same area again.
The pain wasn't what I had imagined. I normally epilate my underarms (which kills) so maybe I have grown used to the pain. I can only describe it as a warm pinch (maybe a pinch with nails).

Week 2

So I do exactly the same again. Shave, turn on the laser and start firing. I haven't noticed much difference in hair growth yet, but it does mention it takes up to 6 weeks to see full results. This time, I use level 5. I am slightly quicker this time because I am less hesitant.

Week 3

Again, same routine. I noticed a slight difference, not major but hair seems to be growing back at a slower rate, not sure if it's my mentality though.

Week 4

This week, I did the exact same thing. I noticed a slight change in my underarm hair. Instead of a usual weeks worth of growth, I have small stubble instead, hardly noticeable. I am really looking forward to week 6.

Time: The Tria is pretty time consuming. I only have time to do my Underarms. I can imagine it taking over an hour to do my legs.

Price: The Tria is currently selling for £375 which sounds rather steep to begin with, until you see the salon price tags. Being able to do this in the comfort of your own home is really a bonus. When you think about the results and take the salon price tags into consideration, it actually works out to be a bargain!

Results: Obviously I haven't finished my course of 6 weeks yet but so far so good. Really looking forward to week 6 in which I shall be giving you all an update. The thought of being hair free for 6 months is exhilarating!



  1. waiting for the results, though I can't afford this yet..

  2. great review! can't wait to hear an update after week 6 :)


  3. I appreciate your review. Nice review. It seem to be a good product but too expensive for me. Right now, I can't afford this (maybe in te future :) .
    I need to focus on my studies & to be able to get a job. Then, I would be able to buy things that I always dream to have.

    more review please

    Love you Suzi
    kumonni (youtube username)

  4. I actually did my own research out of curiosity a while back, but I was too afraid it would hurt too much! I use an epilator too, but 6 months of being lazy seems worth it!

  5. I cant wait for the update.

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