20 December 2012

Muji Candles

For the past 2 months, the only candles I have been burning are the Muji ones. I love how they come in a tin, slightly different from the usual glass offerings and I also love their scents! My current favourite is Japanese Pear, it seriously smells amazing. Berry tart is also a firm favourite. You only need to burn these for 5-10 minutes a day, this is enough to infuse your room with the fruity scent, it usually lasts all day long too.
These candles retail at £3.50, such a steal! Considering the quality, the scent and the longevity, these are comparable to the higher end candles that usually sell for £40! One tub can last me for a month, thats if I buy it everyday for 5-10 minutes. Muji do offer a wide variety of fragrances so if fruity scents are not appealing to you, you can check out others such as cinnamon/madarain and log fire, perfect for the holiday season.


  1. These sound amazing! such a bargain too! I wish there was a Muji store around here, but I might put in an order for some storage and snap up a few of these while I'm at it!

  2. Those do look like they smell amazing! Love the price, too ;)

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  3. Berry tart sounds amazing! i love how different the packaging is too. x

  4. These sound amazing, I'm not really into candles, but I love all these tin packages )))

  5. I wasn't able to find these in the muji in Japan...Y^Y I was devastated because you made them sound SOOO good and I totally want one right now!!!!!

  6. They look nice! :)


  7. Oooh thank you for the reccomendation! where can you get these apart from the website please? You are a beaut.


  8. I regret not buying some last time when I was shopping at Muji! I will have to pick some up next time! xx


  9. my experience with muji has been hits and misses. Sometimes it does a good job sometimes it really has no scent at all even burning half the candle. Maybe it depends on the smell and the batches? But the last time I tried them were 3 years ago. Perhaps they have improved the quality.

  10. Oh wow never come across these! Defo need to try these once I pay muji a visit :-) xx


  11. I love Muji candles and a lot of their other products! But I think their stuff is a little overpriced though :( Nonetheless they do look amazing!


  12. I so want to try these out!!! I love pears and if my room could smell like one, I'd be in heaven! XD

  13. Wow, the price is amazing! I'll be picking some up next time I go to Muji :)

  14. i'll defo need to buy these and check them out :)


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  16. I never knew Muji has candles, I'll definitely going to try them soon! x


  17. In need of these but too scared I'll cause a fire! :( haha


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