11 December 2012

Boux Avenue - Cosy Winter BOGOF

Ever since Boux Avenue opened a store in my local area, I have been hooked. Known for it's affordable great quality, it's always a pleasure to shop in there. The decor is spot on, exclusive, intimate and boudoir, just how every lingerie shop should be, it's enticing. The little drawers are a bonus, it makes all sizes available without the crammed walls. 
I popped in this week, hoping to find some new lingerie but instead, fell in love with their pyjama's which are currently buy one get one free! I spend a lot of time in my jim jams. I almost always change into my PJ's as soon as I get home. I opted for some check and leopard print, both are SO totally me! 
They are just so comfy and comforting, especially in this dismal weather. I also picked up some cosy slipper socks, they are keeping my feet warm as I type. 

There are 15 Boux Avenue stores throughout the UK, if you live near one you really do need to check it out. Whether your'e looking to spoil yourself or buy some christmas presents, or even some boudoir style candles and frames, Boux have a great selection that wont disappoint. 



  1. I'm trending the same look nowadays: PJ's FTW! ♥
    Sadly, there's no Boux Avenue near me :(


  2. I LOVE these PJs I spotted them on the website and really liked them x

  3. the checked design really suits you! and how cosy does your socks look!


  4. I love how tidy boux avenue is! Im an organised neat freak so I love tho shop here just because of that!

  5. I can't live without PJs *~* I always thought I had too many but I mean you wear them as much as real clothes... Better be comfy!

  6. Those pjs looks super cozy! loved the post!


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