1 November 2012

This Month's Freebie's.

Magazine's are really up-ing their game when it comes to freebie's. Long gone are the days we used to receive unknown brand lipsticks, chocolate bars or simply a extra magazine. I picked these two magazines up today, NOT because of the freebies (I think I have enough unopened beauty products to last me a lifetime) but of course, I was still amazed at what came with these. I mean, I paid £5.85 for two reads but along came with it were a Nails Inc polish AND a Benefit Cha Cha Tint. Bonus. 

Have you picked up any magazines that came with a great freebie lately? 



  1. I get glamour magazine anyway, its always lovely to get a extra something every now and again


  2. wow that's great! i've been wanting to try cha cha tint--i hope it comes with the american version too!

  3. When I was little I would always chose the magazines that had little freebies haha, but magazines have really uped their game which i couldn't agree more!!

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    Sunshine & Rain

  4. I bought marie claire and got a l'occitaine hand cream that smelss yum! x

  5. So lucky! I used to buy magazines just for freebies when I little. haha

  6. When I go to my favorite Japanese mall, I always buy their magazines because there is always free stuff in them, things like make up to name brand bags.

    They are a more expensive, but the fact that you get stuff that you can use daily it's totally worth it. :)

  7. oh nails inc polish ! need to get my mitts on that one ! xx

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