22 November 2012

Review: Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix

Having used my DUO lash glue for the past 4-5 years, I decided it was time to switch it up. During the course of my DUO glue fix, I had tried several other brands, nothing compared. Then I discovered this DollyWink Eyelash Fix, great in so many ways. First of all, lets talk packaging, it obviously beats ANY eyelash glue out there. It's girly, fun and pretty, no boring plain standard packaging here. Secondly, the application was a dream! It comes with a fine brush making it SO easy to distribute an even amount along the false lash line. No over squeezing or sticky hands unlike DUO. The brush is also great if a corner of your lash is falling of, it's happened to us all! No need to whip of your entire lash, simply brush a little on. This is something you can NOT do with DUO due to its overflowing squeeze tube. Now lets talk lasting power. It's not better than DUO, but it's on par. Both last all day (unless you have mega watery eyes) without any irritation. When it comes to price, their both head to head, both averaging in at around £9 (depends where you buy it).
This leaves me to conclude that my shallow self prefers DollyWink purely for the packaging and brush applicator. Both perform exactly the same, who wouldn't opt for the pretty pink packaging over the plain boring packaging?

Have you tried any DollyWink products before?


  1. Oooh very nice~ I haven't tried any DollyWink products before, what would you recommend? Haha

    1. The eyelash glue and eyelashes, also the liquid eyeliner =)

  2. I haven´t tried an dollywink products becouse I think we dont have it in Slovakia... :/ but anyway it looks really good :)


  3. I have wanted to try this lash glue for sometime and i think this review just sold me. Going to go get myself one (:

    Thank you suzi for the great review !!


  4. I never tried fake lashes... the thing is i have quite sensitive eyes... :/
    Im not sure which products are really good for yes like mine...



  5. So pretty! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. I love the Dollywink one too. I find that it is super strong and yes to pink packagaing any day =D


  7. What camera do you use? The camera effect is amazing x

  8. yes i had tried dolly wink before. it is a great eyelash glue. it comes with the black glue as well.

  9. I love the brand! The mascara is super amazinggg! xx


  10. Oh yay a Japanese product! :D False lashes are HUGE in Japan and we have tons of products related to false lashes. I don't wear them really because I'm suck at it! haha

    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo

  11. nice i never tried these products =)


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