23 November 2012

November Wishlist

Nars American Dream Palette | Versace Bright Crystal | Smythson Diary | Mac Holiday Set Brushes | Samsung NX1000 | Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

How I justify it...
I don't own a Nars palette, this could be my first. 
This reminds me of university when I used it 3-4 years ago, it will bring back great memories.
Everyone needs a diary to stay organised right? 
Not normally a fan of the MAC holiday set's but how cute are these brushes? I have been looking for some small brushes to fit in my everyday makeup bag, perfect! 
How pretty is this camera? Although I already have a DSLR, I figured this would be good for when I don't have my dslr on me, i.e day to day life. We all want better pictures no? 
Current hype around the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation means I have to try it. I am a beauty blogger, justified. 

Whats on your wish list? 


  1. Hi Suzi! im sending this link to the boyfrind to give him some hints :) thnks


  2. Lovely wishlist! I think all of them a pretty well justified! x

  3. Hi Suzi, I really love your blog. I wish to see more review, more hair tutorial & anything else from you because I really appreciate your videos.

    In your video on youtube, I write that I wish to be everyday 開開心心平平安安健健康康. I hope this for everyone. I also have a bigger wish like everyone. I am right now a college student. I wish that I can be able to graduate college & go to university. I have to work hard for my future & want to be able to have my own home. Then, I will be able to buy some things that I want. This is my biggest wish & hope.

    But sincerely, on my Christmas wishlist:
    1)I wish to have a white iPhone 4 because I never own a cellphone and I think that I will need it when I will start university.
    2)I wish to have a puppy, a truly friend, but my sister is allegic to animals.
    3)I wish to have a MK watch. The only jewelry that I have is my earing from Walmart. A MK watch is stylish.
    4) I wish to have a handbag or purse. The only bag that I have is a schoolbag.
    5) I wish to have the URBAN DECAY Naked Palette because I do not have eyeshadow.

    Thank you to read it.


  4. My wish is to become a good novelist :)

    Thanks you for your blog, Suzi.
    I really love to read your articles and to watch your pics and videos.
    And your hair is so beautiful! Love it <3


  5. oo that brush set looks good! might have to add that onto my list!


  6. I wish to get a new juicy couture wallet this Christmas haha :)
    I had the american dream palette from Nars, it's highly pigmented and smooth! It became my everyday palette! Hope you can get all you want on your wishlist :)
    Do visit my blog, you are one of my inspirations to start blogging x


  7. i want that samsung camera too!
    i wish i get an iphone 4 too, i've always had hand me down phones! oh!

  8. Love your wishlist! I really want the Tarte foundation for christmas!! And a rebecca minkoff mini mac bag!


  9. I really want to get a Marc Jacobs bag!


  10. It's been years that I watch your blog & youtube videos. I suscribed recently because I open a google & youtube account recently.
    This is my lust list:
    1) Balenciaga Classic Gold City BLACK/PURPLE
    2) KQC X-Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron (1" inch) OR Amika Love Your Hair Black 3P Triple Barrel Set
    3) Urban Decay Naked Palette
    4) Sigma Travel Kit - Mrs. Bunny

    How do I justify it?
    1) The handbag is gorgeous. I like the design. I think that it can be a all time handbag.
    2) I do not own a flat iron & clipless curler. I wish to style my hair.
    3) I wish to own a eyeshadow palette because I have not eyeshadow.
    4) For someone that doesn’t have makeup brushes, this could be my first.

    But a wish is still a wish. I have to pay for my school fees first.
    Thank you
    iheartsnowflake22 (youtube username)

  11. I saw those brushes at a mac counter. They are pretty darn cute.

  12. I wish to receive
    - white iphone 4
    - Ted Baker wash bag
    - Sleek MakeUP's legendary i-Divines (12 shades- shade Storm)
    but it cannot be shipped to Canada.

    smilymeimei (youtube username)


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