9 November 2012

New In: River Island Wedge High Tops

I originally popped into River Island to find some all black wedge high tops, but I didn't have any luck. They seem to be sold out everywhere I go. I have seen black ones in other high streets shops but what I like about the RI ones is that the sole is black too, I find this so much more attractive than the rubber flesh coloured soles. SO, I sat down and tried these on instead, did I want high tops with studs on? possibly not but I had these on my feet, I fell in LOVE. I warmed to the gunmental studs and decided they actually made a pretty contrast. I love the velcro fastening too, taking them on and off literally takes 5 seconds. I can't preach whether they are comfortable or not but having modelled them around the house to Tommy several times (he likes them incase you're wondering ha) I can only speak from my minor experience and say, so far so good! I never knew I could be 4 inches taller whilst wearing a pair of sneakers! 
I couldn't find this colour online but here is the LINK to the white ones which are also lovely! I am planning on wearing mine to my yoga classes (I obviously take them off), doing errands and what not. At least no one can complain about me, wearing heels to my local Sainsbury's because dude, these are sneakers! Big smiley face.  



  1. These are beautiful! I love trainer wedges :)

    Joyce xxx
    Come and visit my blog :)
    Sunshine & Rain

  2. love these sneakers!!! :)
    xx Marlena

  3. Love these I am desperate to get some Wedge High Tops!! x x


  4. wow! totally in love with them!!!


  5. Love them! Definately some of the nicest ones I've seen.


  6. I got the blacks ones from RI and I love them so much!! they are so so comfy!


  7. love the studs on them, definitely different from the standard version around ! xx

  8. oo these are hot! i actually really like the stud touch!

  9. I'm not so much of a fan of these, but you'd probably be able to pull them off well :)


  10. It would be pretty cool to see these on...
    Can you do a "look of the day" with them on ??

  11. omg I've been trying to find something like that pair for the longest time but haven't had any luck =\...I'm definitely going to get myself a pair now Thanks for sharing!


  12. These are so awesome! but we dont have RI in norway:( so saaad! Put them in youre shop and ill order from you;P


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