13 November 2012

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch Giveaway!

As Christmas approaches, I really wanted to do a giveaway! I could not think of any better prize than a MK Rose Gold Watch. I get so many emails and messages asking me where I got it from and how much etc! I really hope this will make someones christmas that little extra special!!!! It's a beautiful watch! 
I bought this watch with my own money, I really do wish I could afford to buy another one to giveaway! Maybe in the next few months? =)


1. You MUST be a subscriber
2. You must have a valid shipping address
3. If under 18, you must get parental permission to enter
4. Enter by commenting, TELL ME YOUR CHRISTMAS WISH
5. SUBSCRIBE to my VLOG channel 

The giveaway is open worldwide and ends on the 10th December 2012 12pm GMT! 

FInally, 'LIKE' the video if you want to win!! GOOD LUCK GUYS! =D 


  1. Just subscribed your channel! !!

    I really want that gold rose for my Christmas! !!

    Btw. Here is blog. If you have time


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  3. Subscribed! :)
    I'd love a white chistmas! That's my wish! :)


  4. Incredible giveaway. Have entered over at YouTube.

  5. that is so thoughtful and kind of you suzi. have entered in youtube.

  6. GFC follower - Katarzyna
    Youtube subscriber - TheKaziutka

    My Christmas wish was an iPad... but now it's a beautiful Michael Kors watch! I'd love to win :)

  7. Hi Suzi!
    I've been watching your youtube videos and your blog for quite a while, because I love your sense of Fashion... It has helped me a lot! I wasn't a subscriber but an active follower! (Now active subscriber! lol)

    For Christmas, I wish something very special and important to me and my boyfriend... Because We are going to choose my engagement ring on Saturday... But I don't want him to give it to me just as a common gift for Christmas in front of the whole family etc... I just wish I'll have a very romantic proposal... That's a very special wish and the most important of my life I think!

    Well, thank you for that giveaway, this is awesome and very kind of you!

  8. following through all methods

    my christmas wish is for my plan s& goals for 2013 as well my family and friends' to be fruitful!


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  10. My Christmas wish is for my sister to recover from her cancer.

  11. My Xmas wish is hoping that my grandma's health will be better so that we can have a nice warm dinner together as a family this Xmas holiday. Her health hasn't' been particularly well, and i just hope she will be back to her bubbly self like old times.

    Lovely giveaway x

  12. I want one,pls.my birthday is coming.
    My Christmas wish is to win Euro Millions jackpot . Haha,only in my dram.
    Anyway, it is very nice of you to give out something to your fans.
    Thank you very much even you don't pick me.
    Merry Christmas and happy new Year. Enjoy the festival season. XXX

  13. Hi Suzi! Great giveaway! I haven't been visiting your blog lately because of school stuff but this caught my eye! Which is a big coincidence because this group-buying site in the Philippines (I'm Filipino although I'm based in Japan) have that watch on sale too!


    Random share! And I'm in no way associated with that website.

  14. Thank you for this giveaway!
    My Christmas wish is that everyone simply enjoys this very special day.

  15. subscribed:) love ur blog and videos!!
    i wish HK has a xmas market, missing those in berlin so much!

  16. my christmas wish is to be able to fly to tokyo with my best friends ^_^

  17. my christmas wish is to own a stunning watch like the one your are giving to a lucky person.
    I have subscribed to your channel
    shared with all my friends on facebook and twitter so they can all have a chance too.

  18. My Christmas wish is to have an amazing Christmas dinner with a special someone. :)

  19. My first christmas wish is obviously, winning this giveaway. ;)

    I also wish that my family and I would be able to fulfill our Xmas Korea trip because the weather is so unpredictable and cold now, they are worry that my nieces can't cope with the cold and are planning to postpone the trip.

    I also wish that I will experience a really white christmas this year. I want it to snow heavily because it's my last year in the uk and it would be a slim chance for me to experiencing another truly xmas atmosphere as seen in movies. Snowmans, turkeys, snow, reindeer, lights decoration and everything.

    Lastly, I just wish to have a happy Xmas celebration, I want to stay out of unpleasant experience and smile throughout this amazing festive season!

    And I wish that everyone, including anyone who is reading this, have a great great GREAT xmas! and a new year ahead!

    oh yeah, and survive through 21 12 12 :/

  20. Subscriber
    My first christmas wish is Ipad)))



  21. Hello Suzi, I am your subscriber as MoshimoBee.
    My only wish for this Christmas is to bring back to life my grandmother who has passed away last year in December. She was my best friend and beloved teacher. No one knew such secrets of mine which I shared with Her. Each Christmas she baked delicious cakes and played the very old piano singing with me. Because she couldn’t afford any present for me, she sewed all of my winter sweaters. The best present for me would be spending just one beautiful Christmas day with Her, cooking, singing and laughing. I miss Her a lot and I am sure she does too, that’s why I will be waiting for Her with me first cranberry pie.
    Kisses, Monia!


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