27 October 2012

Today I feel...

COLD! Why is it so colddddd?!? Surely it should only be this cold in Dec/Jan? What is happening?! *grabs hot green tea*. Lately I have really been into red lips. Mainly because I have been wearing less and less makeup, some days, no make-up at all. I don't have the brightest eyes and sometime my complexion can look slightly dull, but thanks to the pop of red, my face is revived. I find it so easy to wear and it makes me feel more womanly. I always tend to go for a more juicy tomato red rather than the deep blue undertone reds, they simply do not suit me. In tis picture I am wearing Barry M's red lip liner and Revlon's Just Bitten Romantic, finished with some DIOR Kiss 778. This is my current favourite combination. This lip combo has saved me SO much time. 

How are you feeling today? Whats your current lip combination?


  1. I love how you are posting about the weather!! It's snowing in Newcastle which is in the North East.

    You really suit this shade of red!! xxx

    Come and visit my blog :)
    Sunshine & Rain

  2. bright lips really pull everything together! I haven't found my perfect red lip though :) but there's always some MLBB shades to save the day!

  3. I'm feeling cold too:/ But you're right! Red lipstick makes you feel better!:)



  4. Very pretty lip colour! Must try!

  5. I love red lips lately too!

  6. I tried finding a red that would go with my tan complexion, but it's kind of hard and can be expensive, depending on where you go in the US.

    Ugh the cold weather is coming to my state, I've been drinking lots of green tea and water to keep moisturized.

  7. Totally Agree I know up north is snowing like Newcastle saw my friend post an image of snow in Newcastle... Ouch But it's getting below 0 degrees over in the Midlands at night and god knows what in the morning xD Here I thought that it'll be this cold in Dec/Jan it's only Oct Ugh anyway I love red lipstick or dark lipstick I would wear it any season lol just cause I don't really wear eye make up so lips is my statement piece ^^.

  8. i always feel like the red lipstick makes my teeth look yellow. do you use anything for that? it looks amazing on you

  9. yeah... i feel also cold... It was awfully cold in london.. but i think today its a little bit better.. lol


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