28 October 2012

Zombie Halloween Makeup

This tutorial will show you how to turn yourself into a zombie! Its a lot easier than it looks and the after effects is pretty awesome. Its great if you're doing a last minute look too because all you have to do is get some fake blood, some white face paint and rip up some old clothing to turn them into rags, all readily available from most shops during halloween time. 
I added a tool for added effect, as they say, you have to get the zombies in the head! LOL Not sure who invented this since zombies don't exist but hey ho! 
This is my 3rd halloween video this year, it has been so much fun! I never really got into halloween makeup videos but this year I wanted to give it a go =) 
Hope you will not only enjoy this video but also find it easy to follow =) 
Products you will need:

Prosthetic tool
Spirit Gum (and remover)
Liquid Latex (alternatively you can use false eyelash glue)
White face paint
Fake Blood
Black Pigment
Purple eyeshadow 
Red Eyeshadow and Red eyeliner
All items should be readily available in your local party shop and drugstore (for the makeup) 
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Have fun and stay safe =) 
Suzi x


  1. I always get so excited when you post new videos Suzi! You look terrifying! (In a good way!)

    XOXO Sade

  2. omg that first bit was so scary! nearly pissed myself :')x

  3. I couldn't make myself to look at your video last night haha, It would have given me nightmares haha, truly scary!!

    Come and visit my blog :)
    Sunshine & Rain

  4. Wow, amazingly scary!



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