11 October 2012

Ojon Dry Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner

A couple of months ago, I was sent some Ojon Products. Having seen the brand before, I hadn't actually bought nor tried anything from them. Hair products are items I never hesitate to try, after all, it's not going to give me a breakout or a blemish. So I began using these together and OH MY my hair has never felt so clean, smooth and silky. It smelt fabulous too, like grained rice and honey. A small amount of shampoo gave the most luxurious lathered mane and the conditioner helped smooth out flyaways and keep the hair is tip top silky condition.
However I do have to admit that it is slightly pricey for my usual shampoo and conditioner budget but I might have to make an exception for these. Since finishing them, I have gone back to my cheap(ish) drugstore products, my hair hasn't felt the same. I really do look forward to purchasing them and having back my long silky hair.

Have you tried Ojon before? 


  1. I've Ojon, just another product. It also made my hair soft and the smell wasn't something I expected. (My hair requires a lot of heat and moisture...and I grew up using hair grease which was a bad idea.) Anyways I love Ojon, I just wish I had more money to invest in more of the products! :D

  2. Suzi,

    Can you recommend some dry shampoos?


  3. Sounds like something I need to try! Your hair always looks silky smooth anyway, I have so many flyaways haha.

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