26 October 2012

NEW IN: Primark - Zara - Topshop HAUL

Long time no haul video hey! =D
As I mentioned previously, I am trying to save up, spending less money on disposable items like clothes, shoes etc but HEY! It's the new season which means a fair bit of shopping needs to be done =D
I have been on a bargain mission lately (part of my money saving plan) and I have come across some amazing items. All items unless mentioned are current season, sale items (last season) are clearly stated =) 

Let me know if I should keep the ZARA bag and also, do you like fashion hauls? Having filmed this, it reminded me how much I enjoy filming hauls! 

Have a great weekend and if you're celebrating halloween this weekend, stay safe peeps! ^_* xxxx

What am I wearing?
Hoodie - American Apparel
Lace Dress - H&M
Rings- ASOS & Topshop
Lips - Barry m red lip liner with Revlon just bitten -Romantic
Glasses - Chanel (prescription glasses)


  1. Keep the ZARA bag! And hauls are my favourite type of video although it means that i'll run out and buy lots of things after haha!

    XOXO Sade

  2. if you dont feel definite about that bag id send it back and wait for a perfect bag to come along! :) i always feel better for doing that :) xx

  3. I Love your haul videos, especially because I can have in mind what to buy when visiting London :)

    Huge fan and follower from Denmark


  4. Love the haul videos and i think you should do more if you can! Also, i think you should keep the Zara purse.. it's to die for!


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