12 October 2012

LUSH Fun Bars

Another new product was recently launched at Lush. Named after having fun, say hello to the FUN Bars*. Retailed at £5 each, these 4 in one bars are to be used on hair, body, bath or even just FUN. Each colour has it's own unique scent which when mixed together, can create an explosion of aroma's. 

This is how LUSH describe how to use.

'Well, the first thing you will want to do with your Fun is get it out of its biodegradable wrapper and start having fun making it into models and shapes. There are so many ways to wash with Fun. For body and hair, just pinch off a small bit, hop in the shower or bath and lather from head to toe. Use as a bubble bath or to hand wash your clothes by crumbling a small chunk under the hot running tap. When you've finished having Fun, please store your bar back in its cellophane.'

I cut up these bars into small pieces and starting playing, as you would do with play dough. Check out the lame face I created. I clearly wasn't born to be a sculptor. 

Under the tap, it creates an abundance of bubbles, as you can probably tell, the water has changed to a gorgeous lavender colour! Goodbye lame face, have fun swishing around my body. I must mention, my bathroom smelt amazing and the smell lingered for hours.

Overall, I think these bars are so FUN, just what they were made to be. Each bar is large in size, I can imagine these to last me a long long time. Its also perfect if you have children, I couldn't think of anything better. Bathroom playtime just got taken to a whole new level! You will also be doing a good deed if you purchase these because 10p from each sale of FUN goes towards helping the children who were affected by the Fukushima Disaster.

Whats your thoughts? Will you be buying any?



  1. I would love to have a play around with these! Too bad I don't have a bath :(

    :: LUCYSLUXE ::

  2. I love LUSH bath bombs! I thought about buying some of the bars, I'm just a little worried about how my face will react to it but I have a lot of the bath bombs ( I think that's what they are called) Those are amazing :) now I just need to find time to actually have a nice relaxing bath :/

  3. This actually looks so fun! Love how you can use it for anything!!


  4. This looks like a lot of fun! I would totally buy them and use it for washing clothes and bubble baths... really cute :)

  5. its such a great concept! think i might head out to buy some tomorrow!
    Krissy xoxo

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