23 October 2012

Jennifer Lopez Dance Again Tour London

Last night I got the chance to see Jennifer Lopez LIVE at the 02 Arena. It was bloody amazing!!! Not only can she dance and sing but boy did she give it her all during her performances! Is she REALLY 43?! I have always been a BIG JLO fan, I grew up listening to her music, last night was like a trip down memory lane! School, College, University...!! I had some serious fan girl moments and I would pay to see her again if I had the chance to. It was such an amazing concert and guess what guys? It was my first ever concert!!! Not normally fussed about watching concerts but I just HAD to see JLO's. Watch my VLOG video below, my camera was dying so some clips are pretty short, I do apologise! 

Whilst we are on the subject of concerts, who is going to see BIG BANG at Wembley in December?!!!!!? 


  1. the place you sat on was good, seemed a little bit too far at times but good. And suzy, you will dance like that too at 43, I bet :))....

  2. lucky girl! i just love me some jlo

  3. I really really really want to see BIGBANG in December..but money is such an issue :( are you going?? ^.^

  4. It must have been an awesome experience! Do you plan on attending other concerts?

  5. You took some good photos! I can't wait for BigBang. It's going to be so much fun...I will see you there!

  6. Oh wow, is she really that age already? She really does not look like 43! I'm going to see BIGBANG - yay! But not looking forward to getting squished in the standing area.


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