24 October 2012

Bride Of Frankenstein Transformation

This is a bride of frankenstein transformation video, perfect for halloween. It was super duper easy to do and again, apart from the white face paint, I used everything I already had. The only amount of money you will have to spend is the wig! I had so much fun filming this, definitely different to the usual tutorials I do. 
This is a collaboration video, Universal Pictures* contacted me 2 weeks ago to ask if I was interested in re-creating one of their monster characters. I really couldn't see myself dressing up as wolf man or the invisible man so I opted for the lady character. Hopefully this is more relatable seen as though most of you subbies are female =) 

THE BOX SET IS OUT NOW! It includes all the classic horror movies like Frankenstin, Wolf Man, Phantom Of The Opera and so on...

Fell free to laugh at my imitation scream LOL, I laugh at myself every time I watch it =)

P.S don't worry if it feels cakey, after-all it's HALLOWEEN! =D


  1. I love this! Very well done and I love your fake scream ;)


  2. I like this !!
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