13 October 2012

Benefit Peek a Bright Eyes

Whenever I think of Benefit, I instantly think of the words 'handy', 'kits' and 'quirky'. Queen of the makeup kits, Benefit kit's are the only ones I actually buy. 
One of the latest products by Benefit, this Peek a Boo Kit has everything you need for a brighter more defined eye. The kit is portable making it handy for those who travel a lot or on the go 24/7. In such a small kit, it contains EVERYTHING you need, including a base shadow, a light shimmer shadow, a contouring brown shade and brightening nude colour. It also comes with brushes too, a concealer brush, a contour brush and a eyeliner brush.
The base shadow is soft and creamy and the shadows are smooth, pigmented and easy to blend. This little kit is a steal at £24.50 and those who love a neutral eye, this may be the only kit you need! My favourite is the contouring brown shade, its such a perfect smokey brown. 

For a more in depth how to use guide, check out the video below, it demonstrates it perfectly. 

What do you think? Are you a Benefit fan?


  1. Finally! Finally, they've put a lid on their cream products! I love their palettes, but always get annoyed with the concealer or eye bright being exposed and getting disgusting in a few weeks. This is definitely a palette I will look into buying!

    -Elodie x


  2. those colors look gorgeous!


  3. their kits always look so fab!!

    Laura x


  4. definitely buying this!

  5. Suzi! Week 43 I'm going to be in London! Plzz see me? :D would be a dream to meet you and get your autograph :D<3

  6. This seems really handy and quick to apply, I might just get it. :)

  7. they are always so compact and easy to apply aren't they! their packaging never fails to impress me! ever!
    Krissy xoxo

  8. I love Benefit! And i feel that the kits they come out with are always the best and never fail to disappoint me!

  9. I really like the benefit mascara it's my favorite

  10. I like most Benefit kits, this one looks good!

  11. Looks like such a good kit - the packaging looks great!



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