6 October 2012

Anna Dello Russo for H&M: What I Got

On Thursday, we saw H&M launch it's collaboration collection. This time, it was no other than Anna Dello Russo who is most possibly the most photographed woman during fashion week. Infamously known for her statement jewels and extravagant outfits, it's a no brainer as to why H&M snapped her up. 
Sadly I was out of London meaning I didn't get to witness the stampede nor have a good look at the collection. Instead my lifesaver friend offered to grab me some Anna goodness. I originally bought 3 items but after much deliberation, I took the necklace back. It WAS very pretty and statement but unfortunately my feather neck could not handle the weight nor do I think I could of pulled it off without looking like some 80s throwback. It means I was left with 2 items which I LOVE, I am a very satisfied lady. 

As the pictures would explain, I got a clutch and a bangle. The clutch was £34.99 and the bangle was £24.99 which is pretty surprising! I would of guessed the collection to be far more expensive, so I was pleasantly thrilled. Everything else in the collection is stunning and if I could justify it, I would buy the whole lot. I personally think this collection is such a massive hit. The packaging is also flipping gorgeous! Probably the prettiest high street makeup box EVER. The bangle box will now house my studs. SCORE!

What did you think about this collection? Get your hands on anything? 



  1. The packaging really is gorgeous, with the gold tassel and all! And the purchases themselves are amazing!


  2. The clutch (along with the handbag and luggage) is one of the items I was lusting after!

  3. the clutch is gorgeous!! wow love the colour and the packaging it came in too! unfortunately we dont have h&m here in australia :(

    Laura x


  4. love the clutch, the colour of it is brilliant ! x


  5. the clutch is actually my favorite of adr's collection! it looks classy ;D
    love the bangle as well <3

  6. Wow such pretty packaging! The clutch is my favourite <3


  7. That bangle is perfect! Such a reasonable price for a collaborative collection too. xx

  8. I nearly bought the massive orange necklace too but like you it was wayyy too heavy for my feeble neck haha x


  9. Ohh my god! I must get that clutch... so beautiful!

  10. Love that turquoise color!

  11. love the packaging!

  12. Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!
    bloglovin follower

  13. I'm loving the colors and that clutch is really lovely. <3

    Peach Tea & Teal

  14. Excellent choice! They are priced very well too! Is there anything else you would like to have from her collection?

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